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Tzu Chi with Agung Sedayu Group, Sinar Mas, and Salim Group Ready to Distribute 5,000 Tons of Rice to Communities Affected by Covid-19

The Corona or Covid-19 virus pandemic which only hit Indonesia not only threatens public health, but also on social and economic aspects. Many people affected by this condition have difficulties because of decreased income.

After distributing more than one million rapid tests and thousands of personal protective equipment to various hospitals, health centers, and agencies in dealing with the outbreak, Tzu Chi with the support of partners and donors continued by distributing food packages.

In an effort to alleviate community difficulties, the Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia Foundation together with the Agung Sedayu Group, Sinar Mas Group, and the Salim Group in collaboration with the Indonesian National Police are committed to distributing 5,000 tons of compassionate rice to people affected by Covid-19.

A total of 5,000 tons of loving-kind rice are planned to be distributed in 34 provinces with distribution support by 34 regional police through 493 resort police at the regency and city level in Indonesia. Tzu Chi also collaborates with Perum Bulog (Logistics Agency) and local entrepreneurs in procuring quality love rice to be distributed to affected communities.

"We hope that the distribution of 5,000 tons of rice is part of the synergy of our commitment to support the improvement of the living conditions of the people amid the Covid-19 pandemic in 34 provinces in Indonesia," said Mr. Sugianto Kusuma as Deputy Chair of the Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia Foundation.