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Social Assistance of PIK2 and The real support of Agung Sedayu Group to fight against Covid 19

Friday, July 23, 2021, PIK 2 (member of Agung Sedayu Group) carried out social assistance distribution activities for residents around PIK 2. Including for people who are isoman. The distribution was carried out in Kosambi and Teluk Naga sub-districts in the form 3 tons of rice and 1000 packages of basic necessities. Each sub-district received 1.5 tons of rice and 500 packages of basic necessities.

Agung Sedayu Group  with businessmen under the auspices of KADIN Indonesia and in collaboration with the Buddha Tzu Chi Foundation again showed their concern for others. Through Pengusaha Peduli NKRI raised donations for the procurement of rice assistance of about 35,000 tons for 7 million families, oxygen concentrators, activation of vaccine centers, as well as the distribution of medicines needed by Covid 19 patients.
Solidarity and mutual attitude will ease the burden of all Indonesian people in the face of this pandemic.

Real support in the fight against Covid 19 continues to flow through various parties. On Tuesday, July 13, 2021, Mrs. Fahira Idris, senator of DPD RI from DKI Jakarta together with Mr. Nono Sampono, vice chairman of DPD RI who is also the President Director of Agung Sedayu Group, was pleased to visit the Vaccination Center on PIK Avenue which is a collaboration of Agung Sedayu Group through a subsidiary of Agung Sedayu Real Estate Indonesia (ASRI), with Artha Graha Peduli, Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi TNI, and POLRI.