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3 Complete & Attractive Shopping Centers Around PIK 2

Shopping is an activity that everyone will definitely do. By shopping, we can fulfill our needs and can also relieve stress. Not only staples like food, shopping involves the choice of fashion and other daily necessities.

When it comes to shopping centers, especially at PIK 2, on August 26, 2022, By The Sea, the first fashion district shopping center in North Jakarta with the Tropical Shopping Paradise concept was officially opened.

By The Sea presents a variety of fashion tenants by the nation's children as well as several food and beverage tenants. This place is on the beach, where every visitor can enjoy the sea breeze and the view that cools the eyes. This unique experience at this outdoor shopping center is hard to find in other shopping centers.

You can find a selection of well-known fashion and beauty brands such as 3Mongkis, Bloom et Champs, Shop by Kami, Lewis Emma, ​​Optik Seis, Luxcrime, Studio Tropik and many other choices at By The Sea. While accompanying the shopping session, don't miss the opportunity to taste delicious ice cream at Cold Moo, sweet Greek desserts at Lukulokal, Teazzi, Feel Matcha, Amyrea and others.

This pet friendly shopping center offers a comfortable and cool atmosphere, with a large atrium area, a pool that adds shade, the ceiling is open and you don't have to worry because there are lots of wooden benches so it's suitable for taking a short break when you're tired of walking around.

Besides By The Sea, there are 3 recommended shopping centers around PIK 2, you know. Check out the recommendations for shopping centers around PIK 2 in the following article!

Kem Chicks

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The first recommended shopping center around PIK 2 is Kem Chick. This supermarket is located on Orchestra Boulevard Golf Island, Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. provides a variety of daily needs ranging from food, fresh vegetables and fruit, dairy products, meat products, to other basic ingredients, both local and imported products, all complete. Kem Chicks offers a comfortable shopping atmosphere, one of the best choices for you to shop.

PIN Grocery

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On the next list, we have PIN Grocery which is located in Pantjoran PIK. You will not only be spoiled with an aesthetically pleasing shopping center atmosphere, this is the right recommendation for those of you who are looking for imported food products ranging from snacks, drinks, ramen, and other imported products that are hard to find in Indonesia. If you miss tasting Tokyo Milk Cheese, Black Summer Truffle potato chips or want to taste delicious Tiger Sugar boba-flavored popsicles, you can find them at PIN Grocery!

Makishi Fish Market

Photo source Makishi Fish Market, Google

This is a Japanese concept shopping center that serves a wide selection of fresh seafood products, premium beef, seasoning, and frozen food of the best quality! For those of you who want to taste fresh seafood products such as Murotsu Oyster, Black Cod Sendi, Salmon, Scallop, Shishamo fish, various snacks and imported kitchen ingredients, don't forget to visit Makishi Fish Market, which is located on Golf Island.

Choosing a house in the PIK 2 area certainly doesn't need to be doubted because various needs are easily accessible within a short distance. If you are currently looking for housing at PIK 2, Pasir Putih Residence is the right choice.

Its strategic location is close to various pampering public facilities, like shopping center, Batavia Cove, Pasir Putih tourist spot, Rans Prestige Sport Center, Mangrove Forest, PIK Avenue Mall, Pantjoran PIK culinary area & Pantjoran PIK Extension, Urban Farm and the area is free-flood since it built by the polder system concept.

Pasir Putih Residences is located on an area of ​​±150 hectares, presenting a beautiful view of white sand on the edge of the lake as well as various premium and complete facilities ranging from a jogging track view of the lake along ±2.5 Km and Mangrove Forest along ±2.7 Km, The Club is a magnificent clubhouse with an area of ​​±1.5 hectares consisting of a swimming pool, gym, spa and others.

Has 3 clusters consisting of Okinawa at Pasir Putih Residences and Pasir Putih Residences 5.

Let's discuss from the first cluster, Okinawa at Pasir Putih Residences where there are 5 interesting choices, namely Akemi, Kyoko, Masayuki, Katsumi and Hiromi.

The Akemi type is a modern residence with an area of ​​90 m2 with 3+1 bedrooms, the price is IDR 3.5 billion. Then, the next type is Kyoko which has an area of ​​120 m2, 3+1 bedrooms for Rp 4.5 billion.

The third type is Masayuki, suitable for those of you who are looking for a house with an optimal number of bedrooms, namely 4+1 bedrooms, an area of ​​144 m2 and the price is Rp. 5.4 Billion. Switch to the fourth type with the same number of bedroom specifications as the previous type, but for the Katsumi type the house area reaches 180 m2 at a price of Rp. 6.8 Billion.

The largest house unit in Pasir Putih Residences is the Hiromi type, the area is 250 m2, has 4+1 bedrooms, this house is offered for Rp. 11.3 Billion.

Then, move on to the next cluster, namely Pasir Putih Residences 5 where there is a choice of houses with a neo-classical concept, namely the Cemara type with an area of ​​75 m2 with specifications of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, offered for Rp. 2.9 billion.

Then the next type is the Meranti type, with an area of ​​120 m2 with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The next type is Cendana, with an area of ​​200 m2, 4+1 bedrooms, which is priced at 7.6 billion. While the widest type at Villa Pasir Putih 5 is Maple with an area of ​​250 m2, which consists of 4+1 bedrooms, with a classic feel, offered at a price of 10.9 billion.