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In commemoration of the 38th anniversary of Indonesian Tera Gymnastics, all levels of the Indonesian Tera Gymnastics Management of DKI Jakarta Province on Sunday 3 December 2023 held the 37th Gebyar Hateri event which was enlivened with various performances and distribution of prizes with the main event being joint gymnastics which was attended by approximately 5000 participants in the Aloha Pasir Putih PIK2 area.

A society that is healthier and fitter and has high immunity will have an impact on improving national sports performance. This was conveyed by Lieutenant General Indonesian National Armed Forces (Mar) (Ret.) Dr. Nono Sampono, S.Pi., M.Si, who is also the Chairman of Indonesian Tera Gymnastics while attending the Gebyar Hateri event.

"The Ministry of Youth and Sports' R&D results state that only 6 percent of children over 10 years of age want to do regular exercises or physical activities, the rest tend to enjoy playing with gadgets. This is our nation's problem and tera gymnastics is the answers," said Nono Sampono.

The 6th Vice President, General Indonesian National Armed Forces (Ret.) H. Try Sutrisno, who also attended the activity, expressed his appreciation for the presence of around ±5000 participants who came from a number of regions. He also hoped that the enthusiasm of the tera gymnastics participants can spark the enthusiasm of people throughout the country to exercise. Because, exercising will create a fit condition.

A member of the Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia of DKI Jakarta Province who is also the Chairman of Indonesian Tera Gymnastics of DKI Jakarta Province, Hj Fahira Idris, SE.MH explained that currently her party is also giving trophies and prizes to the winners of the Betawi culture-based creative gymnastics competition which was won by participants from the South Jakarta area.

Hopefully in the future Indonesian Tera Gymnastics will continue to develop and be followed by all Indonesian people in order to create a healthy and fit society.