Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group


Friday, 27 October 2023, the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Construction of Taokwan Thay Ping Kung or Sinar Suci at PIK2 was held. Present as the first Tridharma congregation’s place of worship at PIK2, with hoped that it will facilitate all Buddhist to reach worship place easily in the future.

This event was attended by Susanto Kusumo Founder of Agung Sedayu Group and his wife; Steven Kusumo and Natalia Kusumo as CEO of Agung Sedayu Group, along with other board of directors. Also present at this event was the Direktur Jenderal Bimbingan Masyarakat Buddha Kementrian Agama RI, Drs. Supriyadi. M. Pd, Eddy Wijaya as Head of the Indonesian Tridharma Council Paramita Foundation (YDPPMTI), ZME Lie Ping Sen as Head of the Perguruan Thay Shang Men Xiao Yao Pai and other guests.

“Lao Tzu said a 1 mile journey begins with the first step. We are all gathered together today to start our first step, the groundbreaking for the construction of the Sinar Suci or Thay Ping Kung place of worship at PIK2 which we have been dreaming of,” said Soegiandi as Head of the PIK2’s Sanggar Sinar Suci Thay Ping Kung Foundation when giving his opening remarks.

He also explained that this building was intended for the wider community, so it is hoped that the wider community could pray and that in the future it would become a place to spread the teachings of truth and goodness passed down by previous teachers.

“We from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, especially at the Direktorat Jenderal Bimbingan Masyarakat Buddha , first express our highest appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Susanto Kusumo and his staff who have provided support for the start of this big step by friends from the Indonesian Tridharma Council,” said Drs. Supriyadi M. Pd, in his speech.

It is hoped that the construction of the Taokwan Thay Ping Kung PIK2 place of worship can run smoothly and that people will soon be able to worship at this place.