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Air Minum Si Melon Bagi Penerima Manfaat Program Si Melon

In line with the 'Si Melon' Stunting Prevention and Alleviation Program with the Supplementary Feeding Method, PIK 2 continues to innovate by providing free Si Melon Drinking Water to beneficiaries consisting of children under 2 years of age with stunting problems, pregnant women with anaemia and chronic energy deficiency.

As a complement to the Si Melon Supplementary Feeding Program, PIK 2 provided 1 set of drinking water depot machines to each village that became a stunting locus in Teluknaga District, namely Muara Village, Lemo Village, Tegal Angus Village, and Pangkalan Village.

The beneficiaries are given Si Melon Gallon, and are able to refill water for free at the Si Melon drinking water depot.

The water provided is water produced by WTP PIK 2, a collaboration between PIK 2 and Perumdam Tirta Kerta Raharja, Tangerang Regency, produced using the Backridge Water Reverse Osmosis technique, which is a technique for converting brackish water into mineral water which is expected to meet the clean water needs of beneficiaries of the Si Melon program.

Together with PIK 2, let's make the Si Melon ecosystem into a reality, a healthy community that will continue towards zero stunting (MELON).