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How to Calculate Return on Investment (ROI) for Home Investment

Property investment, specifically in houses, is a smart choice for long-term gain. But, before you make the decision, it is important to know the potential return by calculating the Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is a measure to evaluate how much profit will be generated from an investment compared to the amount of the initial investment. Here is a step by step guide to calculating ROI in home investment:

Determine Net Profit (Net Profit)

First step is determining the net benefit you can expect from your home investment. Net benefit is the difference between the total income expected from property after deducting all operational and maintenance costs, such as repair costs, property taxes, insurance and management fees if any. Make sure you calculate all relevant costs to get an accurate net benefit.

Calculate Initial Investment

Next is determining the total amount of money you have invested in the property. This includes the purchase price of the home, registration and administration fees, renovation costs (if any), and other costs associated with acquiring the property. Make sure you factor in all start-up costs carefully.

Use ROI Formula

Once you have the net benefit and initial investment amount, you can calculate ROI using the following formula:

ROI = ((Net Benefit / Initial Investment) x 100)

For example, if the expected net benefit on your home investment is 150 million rupiah and the initial investment amount is 500 million rupiah, the ROI calculation will be:

ROI = ((150,000,000 / 500,000,000) x 100) = 30%

The results of this calculation show that the ROI of your home investment is estimated at 30%.

Outcome Evaluation

After calculating the ROI, evaluate the results. A positive ROI indicates that your investment has the potential to generate returns. However, you should also consider various other factors such as investment risk, projected growth in property values in the area, and prospects for the property market in the future.

If you are currently looking for a property for investment, Pasir Putih Residences can be the right choice. This residential area is located in the independent city of PIK 2, built with modern and exclusive infrastructure on the north coast of Jakarta.

Pasir Putih Residences provides several exclusive premium clusters for prospective home buyers, namely the Okinawa Cluster and Villa Pasir Putih 5.

For the Okinawa Cluster, the developer provides 5 attractive residential types with modern Japanese designs, which are equipped with Zen Inner Court, namely:

  • Akemi type, size 6x15 (90 m2), consists of 3+1 bedrooms
  • Kyoko type, size 8x15 (120 m2), consists of 3+1 bedrooms
  • Masayuki type, size 8x18 (144 m2), suitable for those of you who are looking for a house with many bedrooms, namely 4+1 bedrooms
  • Katsumi type, size 10x18 (180 m2), consists of 4+1 bedrooms and is equipped with a private pool
  • Hiromi type, with dimensions 10x25 (250 m2), consists of 4+1 bedrooms and is equipped with a private pool with lake view.

While in Cluster Villa Pasir Putih 5, there are several choices of various types of units with Classic Style and Minimalist Style options, namely:

  • Cypress Type & Albasia Type, size 6x12.5 (75 m2), with 3+1 bedrooms
  • Pine Type & Ironwood Type, size 6x15 (90 m2), with 3+1 bedrooms
  • Mahogany Type & Mindi Type, size 8x12.5 (100 m2), with 3+1 bedrooms
  • Meranti Type & Acacia Type, size 8x15 (120 m2), with 3+1 bedrooms
  • Teak Type & Agathis Type, size 8x20 (160 m2) with 3+1 bedrooms.
  • Ebony Type & Oakwood Type, size 10x15 (150 m2), with 4+1 bedrooms.
  • Sandalwood Type & Maple Type, size 10x20 (200 m2), consisting of 4+1 bedrooms,
  • Walnut type, size 10x25 (250 m2), consists of 4+1 bedrooms, which is the largest type at Villa Pasir Putih 5.

The facilities in the Pasir Putih Residences area are also very complete. This premium, resort-style housing has a beautiful lake covering ± 16.2 Ha that surrounds the area with white sand on its shores, a jogging track on the edge of the lake for ± 2.5 Km and a jogging track with views of Mangrove forest along ± 2.7 Km, and various other interesting facilities.

The location of Pasir Putih Residences is also very strategic, it is only about 5 minutes from the PIK2 interchange. And it's also not far from the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, especially the Golf Island area, Ebony Island to PIK2, where there are many interesting tourist destinations, say Cove at PIK, Pantjoran PIK and Pantjoran PIK extension, East Coast, By The Sea, culinary areas in Batavia PIK, white sand beaches, Aloha Pasir Putih, Greenbelt PIK2, Rukan La Riviera which is a residential area in PIK2 with beautiful lake views like the city of Amsterdam and so on.