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Find Out 4 Criterias of Millennial Dream House

Ideal residence for millennials at Pasadena Spring, PIK2. Photo source:

House is one of the primary needs of individuals. The desire to own a house is not limited to a certain age, even millennials show enthusiasm for buying a house. Based on data from the property portal, the age group of 24 to 34 years dominates house searches with a percentage reaching 35.03%, followed by the general group 18 to 24 years reaching 30.40% of the total traffic.

Looking at this data, millennials have dominated property buyers in Indonesia. A natural phenomenon that happens from time to time is a change in references, including in the selection of a dream home. Along with the land prices that are escalating, as a result, the need for houses is not only limited for spacious and magnificent but leads to a minimalist, functional and modern type of house.

On the last occasion, conducted a survey of 100 respondents to find out the millennial dream house. Want to know what kind of home is being targeted by millennials? Here are 4 house criteria favored by millennials!

Sport Facilities

The existence of facilities is one of the attractions for millennials to buy a house, the majority of them are looking for homes that have complete sports facilities including gym facilities, clubhouses, futsal courts, basketball, swimming pools to jogging tracks. This sports facility is very much needed by millennials to maintain their health.

Optimal Access

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The majority of millennials are interested in finding housing that has good accessibility, this is very important since the majority of millennials have very high mobility, they need good access to help speed up their journey from home to their business or office.

Strategic location


A strategic location is a major consideration for families when choosing a house, for example, close to the office as a place to work. In addition, they are also interested in buying housing that is close to optimal access, for example with the toll road. The existence of this public transportation can certainly help move more easily.

Compact House Area

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The majority of millennials admit that they plan to buy a house with a size that is not too big. This is deliberately done so that they are not too bothered to clean and maintain the house. It's no wonder that minimalist homes are increasingly popular today.

This is the house that millennials are looking for. If you are interested, in the northern area of ​​Jakarta, specifically PIK 2, there is a residential area with similar criteria, namely Pasir Putih Residences from well-known and trusted Indonesian property developers, namely Agung Sedayu Group and Salim Group.

Pasadena Spring, the newest housing cluster in PIK2. Modern residence with various features. Located in the center of the PIK2 area with direct access to the main boulevard road PIK2, namely Jalan Asia Afrika with a 50 meter road ROW. Pasadena Spring has a strategic location and complete access because it is flanked by 2 toll accesses at once. Only 3 minutes from and to the PIK2 interchange and only 6 minutes from Tokyo Riverside Apartment.

A strategic residential area because it is close to entertainment, culinary, health, education facilities to the CBD area. One step to the Education District, where there are renowned universities and schools, 1 minute to Townhub & fresh market; and the most special thing is only 1 minute to the lake and an ecopark covering an area of ​​54 ha. This lake and ecopark has various facilities, which can be enjoyed by residents. Among them, Sportclub PIK2, a 5km jogging track and bicycle track, a food street area, halal tourism, and a shopping arcade that blends with a beautiful lake, and of course close to a complete house of worship which is designed very beautifully and blends with nature. Where else is housing that has super complete facilities like this.

Pasadena Spring has a one gate system concept with 24-hour security. Inside the cluster is equipped with a jogging track, children's playground, clubhouse with swimming pool, BBQ lawn and outdoor gym.

It offers housing in several types & sizes, namely Zara 4x10m and Merida 6x10m with a large balcony, as well as Zoya 4x10 and Marlen 6x10m with rooftop that can be used for multifunctional purposes, such as exercising, family gathering, urban-farming, and other hobbies.

Immediately have a residence in Pasadena Spring at PIK2! With an attractive installment promo of Rp. 5 million/month. Don't run out because units are very limited.

Agung Sedayu Group residential area is not only carried with the concept of green living but is also flood-free because it is equipped with a sophisticated polder system. Regarding access, there are 3 interchange points that connect the Pasadena Spring PIK 2 area, to the entire Jakarta area, so that from Pluit or Muara Karang it can be reached in just 3 minutes. Apart from the toll road, this housing estate can be accessed via non-toll roads, namely via the PIK 2 bridge which connects PIK 1 with PIK 2.

Talking about the PIK 2 area in general, the location of this prestigious area in North Jakarta is close to the tourist attractions of Pasir Putih Beach, Rans Prestige Sportstainment, Mangrove Forest, Mata Elang International Stadium, PIK Avenue Mall shopping center, PIK Pantjoran culinary area and Pantjoran area. PIK Extension, Urban Farm, Cove at Batavia area, San Antonio Promenade where you can rent a bicycle or scooter to get around enjoying the beautiful beach area and various other interesting destinations in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area.