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Wednesday, 31 January 2024, the Soft Opening of Orange Groves was held. Built on an area of ±1.1 ha, Orange Groves is the newest thematic destination in the PIK2 area presented by Agung Sedayu Group (ASG) and Salim Group.

Inspired by orange plantations in Sicily, Italy, this destination is surrounded by water ponds and shady trees in every corner where visitors can unwind and relieve stress from their busy daily routines. "Orange Groves is designed to provide an experience that can make every guest feel like they are on vacation. With a quiet location on the edge of the river, this destination will be the best place to take a break and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city," said Ramon Flotats, Lifestyle Division Head, Commercial & Hotels Division 2 ASG (Amantara).

From the main lobby, visitors will be greeted with green landscaping and a wooden bridge located above the water fountain. Around it there are various well-known F&B tenants as well as various tenants to meet daily or household needs.

"Specially for the Soft Oepening from the end of January 2024, we are also presenting various pop-up lifestyle tenants such as Callie Euodia Home, Museum of Toys, and many others. There are also art installations to add to the festive atmosphere," said Sawitri Setiawan, COO of Retail & Commercial Division 2 ASG (Amantara).

Right behind Orange Groves there is also the Tahang River which flows along the Greenbelt area. This ±60 ha green open space is the heart of the PIK2 area and a center for outdoor activities such as sports, cycling, picnic, or cruising the river on a catamaran for residents, visitors and the community.

Apart from presenting an impressive thematic concept, Orange Groves, which was initiated by Amantara as a subsidiary of Agung Sedayu Group, also focuses on sustainable initiatives. This is applied to the use of solar panels as well as water and waste management systems to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem.

Orange Groves is open for public every day and is located in the Greenbelt area, precisely in zone 2 Greenbelt.