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Exploring The Advantages of Studio Apartments: An Efficient Modern Living Solution

Jakarta is currently facing a problem, that is the imbalance between rapid population growth and land available for housing. Meanwhile, as we all know that the need for housing is still very high.

To overcome this problem, vertical housing or apartments are increasingly popular. Of the many types of apartments, one of the popular choices currently is the studio apartment. Why is it like that? Check out the answer below!

Why Should You Choose a Studio Apartment?

As explained above. There are many types of apartments, but why studio apartments? Yes, this type offers an efficient and comfortable living solution, especially for individuals or partners who want a functional space.

Advantages of Living in a Studio Apartment

Strengthening the previous statement, there are several advantages that you can feel if you live in a studio apartment. Here are the list:

Easy to Clean

Studio apartments are designed with practical and efficient layouts, making them easy to clean. The compact space minimizes the area that needs cleaning. Additionally, the choice of easily cleanable flooring and wall materials simplifies maintenance processes. With integrated spaces without partitions, dust and dirt have no place to hide, making cleaning more effective.

Minimal Furniture Required (Multifunctional)

Studio apartments offer a multifunctional concept. For example, by using flexible furniture such as sofa beds or dual-purpose wardrobes, you can maximize space without needing a lot of additional furniture. This concept not only saves space but also provides flexibility in interior arrangements according to your needs and lifestyle.

Affordable Price

Studio apartments offer more affordable prices compared to larger units. With lower costs, this type becomes an attractive option for individuals or partners who want to own their own home without spending a large amount of money.

Tips for Choosing a Studio Apartment

Choosing a studio apartment is not easy. There are several aspects to consider. Here is a complete explanation:

Consider the Location

Choose a studio apartment with a strategic location. By this way, you can easily access offices or public facilities such as transportation, shopping centers, and entertainment areas.

Complete Facilities

Studio apartments are often equipped with various facilities that support your well-being. This includes facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, children's playgrounds, recreational areas, and more.

Environmental Security

Check the security system of your apartments where you intend to buy. Advanced security and 24-hour surveillance provide maximum protection for you. In addition, a secure environment free from criminal activities and natural disaster risks provides peace of mind.

By considering the above factors, you can find a studio apartment that suits your needs and preferences.

Tokyo Riverside Apartment, the Best Studio Apartment for You

Well, for those of you who are currently looking for a studio apartment, Tokyo Riverside Apartment is a ready-to-live apartment that could be the right choice! Located in the PIK2 self-contained city area, this apartment offers various 5-star facilities.

For example, like a lobby equivalent to a 5-star hotel, Tokyo Hub, Tzu Chi School, Day Care, Supermarket, Trade Center, Home Care, Traditional Market, Clinic, Food Court, Club House, Basketball Court, Laundry, swimming pool, children's playground, salon, Reflexology Path, F&B Tenants, Shinjuku, Roppongi Street, Fitness Club, and many more.

This apartment also utilizes various advanced features that can be used by millennials. For example, there is a Smart Visitor System that can receive guests even when you are not in the apartment unit. Then there is also a Smart Welcoming Home System, which can help you use various electronic devices remotely. Such as curtains, AC, lights, television, and so on.

In terms of security, this apartment is also equipped with Smart Home Protection technology. Then there is also Smart Home Solution technology that can facilitate the operation of electronic devices in the room. Finally, there is a Smart Community that can be used to make maintenance fee payments to booking facilities in the apartment's club house.

Tokyo Riverside Apartment itself is built with a Japanese Modern Living Style concept that offers an experience of living as if in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. This project is built by the giant developer Agung Sedayu Group on a ±60-hectare land where approximately ±50 percent of it is used as green open space and luxurious facilities.