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A series of Nadran Cultural Festival have been held from Monday, 10 October 2022 to Sunday, 16 October 2022. Some of the activities that have been carried out are Tabligh Akbar and compensation, wayang kulit, bazaars, etc. Nadran is a local culture of Dadap Village that aims to express gratitude to the God Almighty for the abudance of blessings that have been given to fishermen in Dadap Village.

On this occasion, PIK 2 also participated in enlivening the Cultural Festival by providing help at the Tabligh Akbar and compensation event for the orphans and widows in the Dadap Village area. The highlight of this Nadran Sea celebration event, 16 October 2022, was opened directly by the Head of Kosambi Sub-District Dadang Sudrajat, S.Sos, MM, M.Si and the Head of Dadap Village Mr. H. Saduni, S.Sos.

At the peak of the event, the Dadap fishermen floated to the Seribu and Bidadari Islands together to carry out a people's festival. The fishing boats that they usually use to find fish are decorated beautifully and many fishermen decorated their boaths with agricultural products such as foods and drinks that will be enjoyed together with other fishing families while on the island.

Hopefully in the future, the cultural heritage of the ancestors can be preserved and become a lesson for the next generation of the local people through further festival activities.