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Our bodies will be healthy if they are used to move and carry out activities that are not too tiring. One way to achieve good health is by exercising, where the lightest exercise to do is a healthy walk or you could say a leisurely walk.

Saturday, 25 November 2023, Community Development PIK2 held the activity "Fun Walk with PIK 2 - Healthy Can Be Fun" together with students and teachers from Indonesian Teachers Association and the surrounding community of Teluknaga Sub-District, Tangerang Regency. This activity was held to celebrate the Indonesian Teachers Association's 78th anniversary and is a form of PIK2 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Health sector.

This activity, which was attended by Andi Ony as Acting Regent of Tangerang Regency, Moch Maesyal Rasyid as Regional Secretary of Tangerang Regency and Zamzam Manohara as Chief of Teluknaga Sub-District, was very lively and was attended by ± 2000 participants. Lots of door prizes were given to the participants to add to the excitement and enthusiasm for taking part in this relaxing sport. Apart from that, PIK2 also provides assistance for people with disabilities in the form of wheelchairs and crutches which are handed over to the Teluknaga Sub-District which will later be distributed to residents in need.

The aim of holding Funwalk with PIK2 is to increase the public awareness of Teluknaga Sub-District regarding health through positive activities in the field of sports in order to achieve public awareness of being physically, mentally and socially healthy. So that you can create a healthy and productive life.