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"Garbage" would always be pilled up as long as "consumption" is going on in this world. Our generation start to fully realize that our Earth is not doing well. This happens through unmanaged waste from irresponsible consumption. The waste problem is a serious problem. Realizing how important it is to manage waste properly, CSR Agung Sedayu Group initiated a rebox program (smart waste dropbox) in collaboration with Rekosistem. 14 rebox units and 3 recoshelter units were planned to be distributed on all sides of PIK area. 10 rebox units and 2 recoshelters were placed in White Sand Beach area , also 4 rebox units and 1 recoshelter unit currently available in in Jasena or Batavia PIK, Golf Island.

Rekosistem is an end-to-end zero waste management start-up that strives for a sustainable ecosystem. Rekosistem will enable each entity in chain to perform optimally through technology and innovation. Rekosistem aims to formalize the waste of management model and to increase the value. The goal is to increase the productivity of waste the value chain and create a zero-waste ecosystem, by utilizing technology and innovation in digital waste management. One of them is the use of a rebox machine that is connected to the Rekosistem application. In this application, users become a zero waste platform to incentivize users by sorting waste in their homes. Each reported waste sorting will be assessed based on its type.

It is expected to minimize damage to our environmental ecosystem. This program invites residents to be able to sort out household waste that can be recycled and has a selling value. Agung Sedayu Group hopes that with this facility, it will be easier for residents to participate in efforts to recycle waste, especially those made from plastic. So, it can bring changes for the better environment.