Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group


The Indonesian automotive world is growing. This time, one of the largest groups of Harley-Davidson motorbike lovers in Indonesia, HOGERS Indonesia, held the Hogers Indonesia Drag Race of National Event (HI-DRONE) on 11 – 12 November 2023, at Community Park, PIK2 which was opened by the Speaker of People’s Consultative Assembly of Indonesia as well as Chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI) Dr. H. Bambang Soesatyo, SE., SH., MBA, who is familiarly known as Bamsoet. Nearly 700 starters/racers participated, including Indonesia’s best freestyler, Wawan Tembong. “The holding of HI-DRONE is also a gathering place for Harley lovers. Especially toward the 2024 election, events that strengthen solidarity between the nation’s children must be intensified,” said Bamsoet when giving his opening remarks. (Insert Foto Pelepasan Oleh Bamsoet & Foto Bersama)

Yudi Djadja, Director of HOGERS Indonesia also explained that HI-DRONE brings a new concept and is the first in the automotive events in Indonesia. Because this event combines Harley motorbike racing, MSMEs bazaar, and premium packaged music concert through Sound of Unity at the same location. Sound of Unity is a joint concert by top Indonesian artists such as Dewa, Raisa, Iwa K, Maliq & D’Essentials, Ada Band, Coconut Treez, and DJ Winky Wiryawan. Thus, apart from being enjoyed by automotive fans, this event, which was under IMI, could also be enjoyed by the public. “I see that Agung Sedayu Group is full of innovation. I also give appreciation to Agung Sedayu Group because of the many innovations that have been carried out. By collaborating with many communities such as the Indonesian Motorcycle Association which I lead, we can organize thousands of communities together, so it’s not just limited to walking or riding a bicycle, but we can transform it into a world entertainment center,” said Bamsoet when interviewed. (Insert Foto Acara Sound of Unity)

Also present at this event was the Director of Commercial Convention and Exhibition of Agung Sedayu Group, Ryan Adrian, who explained that Community Park, as the name suggests, functions as a gathering place not only for communities to carry out activities but for all groups and all activities. Providing a unique and best outdoor area so that more exciting events will come and hold activities here such as the HOGERS event. (Insert Foto Pak Ryan)

HI-DRONE event was held in various types and classes of drag race or straight racing of 201m and 402m. the President Director of PT Garda Andalan Selaras as Triumph’s distributor in Indonesia, Hari Triadji SH, MH, who is familiarly known as Triwheel from the Blind Eagle Torque N Speed (BETS) community, took part in the FFA and Backet 12 classes, commenting that this event was quite lively, the enthusiasm of the participants was also high from various clubs and large motorbike workshops in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. It is hoped that in the future events like this can be held more often in the PIK2 area, where the area is very supportive and good for community activities like this. (Insert Foto Triwheel)

Likewise, Fariz Rinosky, a participant in the Bracket 15 track 402 class and won 3rd place, said, “The event was good, from the preparation procedures to the paddock facilities were okay, especially combined with the Sound of Unity music event which featured many good guest stars. For this PIK2 area, which I have only visited a few times, the infrastructure is also good, the road is quite wide and the asphalt is smooth so it is quite cool and I can already imagine that when it is complete it will be a very nice area.” (Insert Foto Juara-Fariz)

The activity ended with performances by artists at the Sound of Unity event, Community Park PIK2, which is also right next to Ginza Beachwalk, the best beachside commercial area in Indonesia, became a place for visitors to channel their hobbies and work in the form of positive things, thus producing activities on a national and international scale. Of course, it makes this area even more hyped and its investment value is also high.