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5 Luxurious and Unique Living Room Design Inspirations

The living room is one of the important areas in a house. This space is often used to welcome guests, so it should be made attractive and comfortable. So, for those of you who are currently interested in creating a living room, here are some luxurious and unique living room design ideas.

Minimalist Luxurious Living Room

Minimalist design never fails to give a luxurious and clean impression. A minimalist luxury living room prioritizes the principle of "less is more", where every element in the room has a function without reducing the aesthetic vibes. Use a neutral color palette such as white, gray, or beige. Add wooden or metallic accents for warmth and luxury. Choose furniture with clean, simple lines and modest decoration to create an elegant and uncluttered atmosphere.

Modern Luxury Living Room

The modern luxury living room design features geometric shapes and bold lines with a touch of technology. Choose furniture with a unique and modern design, such as a large corner sofa or a geometric coffee table. For the color palette, combine bold colors such as black, dark blue, or maroon with neutral colors. Add a hanging lamp or standing lamp with a futuristic design to increase the modern impression.

Classic Style Luxurious Living Room

A classic-style luxury living room always has its own charm. This design brings a soft sense of time with the use of carved wooden furniture and classic accessories. Use warm colors such as gold, dark brown, or burgundy. Curved arm sofas, thick curtains, and carpets with classic motifs will add a luxurious and elegant impression. Don't forget to add a chandelier or hanging lamp with classic details as the center of attention.

Elegant Luxurious Living Room

Elegant luxury living room designs emphasize beauty and refined luxury. Choose furniture with high-quality materials such as velvet or leather. Colors such as navy blue, emerald green, or dark purple could be the right choice. Add decorative details such as decorative pillows, vases or artwork. Good lighting is also very important, choose lamps with elegant designs and warm lighting to add intimacy.

Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian is famous for its elegant simplicity. This stylish living room emphasizes functionality, cleanliness and lots of natural light. Use bright colors such as white, light gray, or pastels. Use wooden furniture with the addition of knitted blankets or furry carpets to create a warm impression.

If you are currently looking for a residence that can apply a variety of luxurious living room designs, Pasir Putih Residences housing could be an attractive choice. This luxury housing complex located in the independent city of PIK2 is on the north coast of Jakarta. This housing complex was built with a green living concept surrounded by various complete facilities and modern and exclusive infrastructure.

At Pasir Putih Residences, there are several exclusive clusters on offer, including Cluster Okinawa and Villa Pasir Putih 5. Cluster Okinawa offers 5 types of modern Japanese style residences equipped with Zen Inner Court, including:

  • Akemi Type, size 6 x 15 meters (90 m2) consisting of 3+1 bedrooms.
  • Kyoko Type, size 8 x 15 meters (120 m2), also with 3+1 bedrooms.
  • Masayuki Type, size 8 x18 meters (144 m2), ideal for those who need a lot of space, with 4+1 bedrooms.
  • Katsumi Type, size 10 x 18 meters (180 m2), includes 4+1 bedrooms and a private pool.
  • Hiromi Type, the most spacious one with size 10 x 25 meters (250 m2), provides 4+1 bedrooms and a private pool with lake view.

Meanwhile, at the Pasir Putih 5 Villa Cluster, various types of units are available with Classic Style and Minimalist Style options, such as:

  • Cypress & Albasia Type, size 6 x 12.5 meters (75 m2), consisting of 3+1 bedrooms.
  • Pine & Ironwood Type, size 6 x 15 meters (90 m2), with 3+1 bedrooms.
  • Mahogany & Mindi Type, size 8 x12.5 meters (100 m2), including 3+1 bedrooms.
  • Meranti & Acacia type, size 8 x15 meters (120 m2), also with 3+1 bedrooms.
  • Teak & Agathis type, size 8 x 20 meters (160 m2) with 3+1 bedrooms.
  • Ebony & Oakwood type, size 10 x15 meters (150 m2) and 4+1 bedrooms.
  • Sandalwood & Maple type, size 10 x20 meters (200 m2), provides 4+1 bedrooms.
  • Walnut type, the most spacious in this cluster one with size 10 x25 meters (250 m2) and 4+1 bedrooms.

The facilities at Pasir Putih Residences are the best, creating a premium resort feel. There is a beautiful lake covering an area of ±16.2 hectares that surrounds the area, with white sand on the edges. There is also a jogging track along the edge of the lake for approximately ± 2.5 km and a track on the edge of the mangrove forest for ± 2.7 km, as well as various other interesting facilities.

The location of Pasir Putih Residences is very strategic, the location of this housing complex is only about 5 minutes from the PIK 2 interchange, you are directly connected to the PIK 1 area, Golf Island and all corners of Jakarta. Not only that, this housing complex is only 10 minutes from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.