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The Kosambi Sub-District Youth Organization collaborated with Community Development PIK2 to hold a big agenda in the month of Ramadhan 1445 H/2024, namely a Ramadhan Festival 2024 event which was held for two days on 3-4 April 2024 in the courtyard of the Kosambi Sub-District Office, Tangerang Regency.

This Ramadhan Festival activity was held with the aim of enlivening the month of Ramadhan which was filled with various positive activities in order to improve the quality of faith of the people around the PIK2 development project, namely Kosambi Sub-District, Teluknaga Sub-District, Pakuhaji Sub-District, Sepatan Sub-District, East Sepatan Sub-District.

Present at this event, Dr. Ir. H. Restu Mahesa, M.M as Director of Estate Management PIK2, H. Asmawi, S.Ip, M.M as Chief of Kosambi Sub-District, Regional Secretary of Tangerang, Drs. H. M. Maesyal Rasyid, M.Si, members of the Kosambi Sub-District Youth Organization and the Community Development PIK2 Team. "I welcome this Ramadhan festival event, which may have become a routine event, hopefully in the future it will be more advanced and also provide benefits to all of us. Hopefully the community can feel the same thing, feel joy in this month of Ramadhan, and that we will all be blessed with health," said Restu Mahesa in his speech.

In this festival, dozens of MSMEs were presented to fill the available booths. Apart from that, a series of other activities such as the Hadroh Al-Banjari competition were also held at this festival which was attended by 19 participants from 5 sub-districts, Tabligh Akbar "Nuzulul Qur'an" by M. Hafiz, "Salim Si Entong", social service in the form of donations to orphans, as well as free health checks. This event, which was held in the month of Ramadhan 1445 H, closed with a group iftar.

Maesyal Rasyid in his speech also expressed his appreciation to the Kosambi Sub-District Youth Organization, the local government and of course PIK2 which cares about people in need, especially orphans. "Don't stop here, continue social programs for the benefit of society," he said.

It is hoped that this collaboration will be an opportunity for local communities to be more empowered both in terms of the economy and health.