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Stunting is a chronic nutritional problem caused by prolonged intake of nutrients. This happens because of eating intake that is not in accordance with nutritional needs. Stunting occurs starting from the womb and is only seen when the child is two years old. Stunting is caused by many factors, such as the family economy, diseases or infections that are many times. Environmental conditions, be it air pollution, clean water can also affect stunting.

One of the government’s current focuses is stunting prevention as an effort that Indonesian children can optimally and maximally grow, accompanied by emotional, social, and physical abilities that are ready to learn, and are able to innovate and compete at the global level.

Agung Sedayu Group, represented by the PIK2 community development team, has currently participated in the health sector for the area around PIK2 through the Melon program, which means Health Community making zero Stunting. June 16, 2022 The Community Development team has launched “Prevention and Reduction program at the Teluknaga district Lokus Stunting, at Marketing Gallery PIK2. 

The target of this program is in 4 villages, Muara Village, Lemo Village, Tegal Angus Village, and Pangkalan Village which targets children under two years of age who are included in the category of stunting, anemic pregnant women and chronic lack of energy who are vulnerable groups to health and nutrition problems. As for the additional feeding given in the form of eggs 1 day 1 grain, milk, processed fish food, drinking water 15 liters / week, mung bean porridge.

The opening ceremony of this program symbolically began with the delivery of a supplementary food fulfillment package (PMT) from PIK2 represented by Bambang Santosadjaja as General Manager of PIK2 Township Management to the Tangerang Regency Stunting Reduction Acceleration Team, represented by dr. Hendra Tarmizi as Head of DPPKB Tangerang Regency and handover of program implementing uniforms represented by Restu Mahesa as Director of PIK2 Township Management to Yani Zamzam Manohara as Chair of PKK Teluknaga District. Also present at this event was the Tangerang Regency PKK Mobilization Team, represented by Hj. Enny Sukaeni Hendy Sudjono and the Tangerang District Health Office team, represented by dr. Sri Indriyani, Bappeda represented by Kirwan, Teluknaga Sub-district, Zamzam Manohara and village heads from Muara Village, Lemo Village, Pangkalan Village, Tanjung Pasir Village and Tegal Angus Village and their staff.

This program is also a form of support from the Agung Sedayu Group, which is very committed to supporting the health of the surrounding community, especially in this case providing balanced nutrition and reducing all forms of malnutrition, as well as achieving food health.

In the future, the Melon program implemented by PIK 2 Community Development will be used as a pilot program to alleviate stunting in Tangerang Regency, it is hoped that this program can prevent stunting from an early age in the Teluknaga area to realize better public health and prevent the birth of stunted babies and make a superior generation of Indonesians.