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Get to Know The Concept and Benefits of the Polder System

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Society's enthusiasm toward the house seems to never fade. There is a trend in the search of ads for houses for sale in the North Jakarta area in the first quarter of 2022 based on the data from property tech company Previously, in the fourth quarter of 2021, the search for houses for sale in Pantai Indah Kapuk was 2,281, then increased to 3,126 in the first quarter of 2022. 

In addition to offering comfort with a wider area when compared to an apartment, a house can also be a profitable investment instrument. With the increasing number of housing developments, property developers are competing to present residential areas with various advantages ranging from complete facilities, strategic locations to flood-free.

High rainfall in the rainy season plus a less than optimal drainage system is often a scary thing because it is feared that flooding will occur. So, residential areas that apply the polder system are a distinct advantage. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of houses located near the beach with stunning views, people don't need to worry because the application of the polder system functions as a controller of the water level in the polder system. The system is controlled to prevent flooding or inundation in residential areas.

A polder is a low piece of land surrounded by heaps. The way the polder system works is that on a polder plot, there is a point where wastewater is collected from either overflowing seawater, sewage or rain.

Then, the water will be pumped to another body of water in a higher polder position, until finally the water is pumped into a river, reservoir or canal that empties into the sea. Thus, no matter how high the rainfall or tidal flooding occurs due to the overflow of sea water, the water does not inundate residential areas because the water is directly channeled into rivers, canals, or reservoirs.

The benefit of implementing a polder system in residential areas like PIK 2 is that the polder system, which is identical to the Dutch windmill country, is versatile, in addition to controlling the water surface so as not to overflow and flooding, rivers and reservoirs can become attractive tourist attractions for the community. Since the 17th century, the Netherlands, half of which is below sea level, has implemented a polder system to prevent flooding.

In Indonesia, the polder system is implemented in the exclusive residential area of ​​Pasir Putih Residences at PIK 2 by well-known Indonesian property developers, Agung Sedayu Group and Salim Group.

This residential area is free from flooding due to the implementation of the polder system. Enjoy maximum comfort living in a house near Pasir Putih Beach for approximately 4 KM, a beach that has an attractive charm with beautiful white sand, trees that add to the beauty of the beach and bright colored sea water.

Then, there are also Waterfront, Greenbelt covering an area of ​​approximately 60 HA, Mata Elang International Stadium, Rans Prestige Sportstainment, Pantjoran PIK culinary area, Urban Farm, San Antonio Promenade, to shopping centers including PIK Avenue Mall, The Food Hall, Kem Chicks, Fresh Market PIK and others to meet daily needs.

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Furthermore, there are also various choices of other entertainment facilities like PIK 2 Center Point Area Leisure & Entertainment Hub covering an area of ​​± 100 Ha where you will find the largest Seafood Village in Indonesia, Asian Town with a 4 country theme, Shibuya Night Market, Tokyo Market, Mata Elang International Stadium and various other options.

The PIK 2 area itself has easy access, equipped with 3 interchange points at once which are connected to all corners of Jakarta and can be accessed via non-toll roads, namely via the PIK 2 Bridge. You only need 7 minutes to reach Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

By buying a house unit at Pasir Putih Residences, you can enjoy views of the beautiful lake which covers an area of ​​± 16.2 HA. Around the lake, you will be pampered with a number of entertainment spots such as The Club, the most luxurious clubhouse in the North Jakarta area of ​​±1.5 Ha, jogging track with views of the lake and mangroves, community art park, pet runs & park, community garden, lobby & lounge, cafe, restaurant, modern mini market, outdoor alfresco dining, multifunction outdoor lawn and other interesting public facilities to visit.

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Pasir Putih Residences, an exclusive and magnificent residence on the shores of the lake, is priced starting from Rp. 2.6 billion for a 2-storey design house unit, with 3+1 bedrooms, 75 m2 land area, 108 m2 building area.