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On Friday, 5 May 2023, an Inauguration Mass and blessing of the Sacred Heart of Mary Prayer Garden was held, led by Ignatius Cardinal Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo, Indonesian prelate of the Catholic Church, at La Riviera PIK2 which placed right next to Tokyo Apartment.

The establishment of the Sacred Heart of Mary Prayer Garden is to maintain a balance between the Spiritual and the Physical, and is a great gift from Agung Sedayu Group for the Catholics.

After the Mass, Cardinal Ignatius thanking Agung Sedayu Group, for providing land for spiritual purposes located in the middle of the vast PIK2 complex.

"As I mentioned earlier, it is not coincidential that the inauguration of this Prayer Garden is carried out on the First Friday, when people worship the Lady of the Sacred Heart, because according to the tradition of the Catholic Church, the next day is the day of Service for Mary, the Sacred Heart of Mary. The Devotion to the Sacred Heart is a Thanksgiving Prayer Service because God has immense love for humanity. Meanwhile, Devotion to Mary, the Sacred Heart of Mary, is an invitation to follow the example of Our Lady, to respond to God's call to all of us, whoever we are, for growth towards the perfection of holiness. Hence, this Prayer Garden dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Mary is a sign that always reminds the Catholics in particular, of her Majesty's call towards the perfection of love, to the perfection of holiness," explained Cardinal Ignatius.