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The Teluknaga Sub-District Development Plan Forum (Musrenbang) was held on 7 February 2024 and was held in the Hall of Saung Ibu Restaurant, Kampung Melayu Timur Village, Teluknaga Sub-District with theme "Even Distribution Development with Environmental Insights in Efforts to Increase Regional Competitiveness through Collaboration between Sectors". This activity was also attended by Zamzam Manohara as Head of Teluknaga Sub-District, all Village Heads in Teluknaga Sub-District, Commandor of a Military Sub-District Command (Danramil), Teluknaga Sector Police (Polsek), as well as Community Figures in Teluknaga Sub-District.

Head of Teluknaga Sub-District, Zamzam Manohara, revealed that the Teluknaga Sub-District Musrenbang proposed four strategic issues, namely increasing human resources, improving infrastructure and governance, and improving the economy. Among the concerned issues are related to waste and flood management, infrastructure, stunting and extreme poverty.

This is certainly relevant to PIK2's goal, and that is to create sustainability that can improve the quality of life of the community, especially in Teluknaga Sub-District. Through this annual agenda, it is hoped that PIK2 and the Teluknaga Sub-District can continue to collaborate and synergize in providing a positive impact for the residents of Teluknaga Sub-District.

Through this opportunity, PIK2 also participated in presenting the results of the pentahelix collaboration that had been implemented and planned activities for the following year until 2025. This Musrenbang succeeded in becoming a forum for active discussion between stakeholders and became a good first step in achieving the 2025 RKPD.

"We hope that with the formulation that we have come up with, we can overcome the complaints of residents in Teluknaga Sub-District, hopefully by 2025 what has been proposed can be accommodated and implemented," said Zamzam Manohara.