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Olimpiade Biologi dan Kesehatan Tingkat Kabupaten Tangerang,

"Community Development PIK 2 continues to be committed to increasing the potential of human resources in Tangerang Regency through the Tangerang Regency Level of Biology and Health Olympics, which is the first competition for high school students organized by Community Development and in collaboration with Karang Taruna Kosambi Sub-District and Syekh Yusuf Islamic University.

The Olympics, which was held at the Syekh Yusuf Islamic University on 12 December 2023, targeted students in grades 11 and 12 of high schools throughout Tangerang Regency.

This Olympics aims to explore the potential of superior students in Tangerang Regency, especially in the field of Biology and Health, and the questions given have varying weights from the easiest to the most difficult.

It is hoped that this Olympics can stimulate the fighting spirit of students in Tangerang Regency so that they continue to be enthusiastic in achieving their dreams."