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The community enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadhan by attending the Rukyatul Hilal Determination of the Beginning of Ramadhan 1445 H year 2024 at Menara Syariah, 7th floor Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 Street, Tangerang, Banten.

In the Rukyatul Hilal, H. Dr. Firdaus Djaelani was present as President Commissioner of PT Fin Centerindo Satu, staff and thousands of people.
According to him, the Menara Syariah is the icon of the Islamic Business and Financial Center, and is part of the sharia economic development area at PIK2.

Firdaus Djaelani said that the Menara Syariah was chosen as the Lunar Observation Center (POB) because it has a strategic location and can see well towards the horizon. This was also confirmed by the Public Relations Officer of Menara Syariah, Dr. Andriliwan Muhamad.
"This activity is in collaboration with the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia and is part of welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan which has previously been planned. We also monitor Rukyatul Hilal as NU monitors 101 points in Indonesia. We are at point 102 trying to help the community and government welcome Ramadhan," he said after Rukyatul Hilal.

"So, it is very likely that the month of Shaban will be 30 days long and the start of Ramadhan 1445 H will fall on Tuesday. Of course, we are waiting for the decision of the isbat session held by the isbat session held by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia," he explained.

Observation was carried out at sunset, witnessed by NU, community leaders and others. In future programs, various activities will be held, such as Rukyatul Hilal to determine the upcoming 1 Shawwal 1445 H.