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Sharing with Orphans Start the Opening of Old Shanghai

Old Shanghai, one of the new culinary tourist destination in Sedayu City Kepala Gading was just opened on Mei 27, 2022 by Agung Sedayu Group. Besides equipeed with many variant types of culinary, Old Shanghai Sedayu city also provides Grocery Shopping in which there are goods from within and outside of country.

The opening of Old Shanghai that was enlivened by various events and promo programs, was also complemented by social activities. Management started the opening ceremony of Old Shanghai by holding CSR activities, by sharing compensation to 40 orphans in the RT and RW around West Cakung Village, East Jakarta. In addition to Old Shanghai Management itself, there were several representatives of tenants who were also present and participated in this CSR activity, namely Mr. Redo from Amazone, Mr. Evan from Pin Grocerries and Mr. Kevin from Croco.