Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group


PIK 2 Community Development also attended the Teluknaga UMKM Fair that was officially opened on 18 November 2022 at Waru Brilliant Thematic Village, Bojong Renged Village. PIK 2 Community Development also supports positive activities in the community, one of which is the Establishment of the Waru Brilliant Thematic Village and the Implementation of UMKM Fair at Bojong Renged Village, Teluknaga District. The Teluknaga UMKM Fair event was opened directly by the District Head of Tangerang A. Zaki iskandar, Chairman of District Council Kholid Ismail, Head of Community Empowerment and Village Government Service Dadan Gandana, and the PIK 2 team represented by Okto Fianus as the Head of GA PIK 2.

"PIK 2 will continue to support all activities around PIK 2 and as a form of PIK 2's commitment to implementing Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility, we will continue to help the people through our CSR, through Stunting, Community Empowerment, Education, etc." said Okto Fianus who attended representing Mr. Restu Mahesa as the Director of PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari PIK 2.

The UMKM Fair this time, is the right opportunity for UMKM participants to promote their products, some of the UMKMs available in Teluknaga District one of which is the Indonesian Culinary PIK 2 UMKM where they process and produce various Indonesian menus originating from various regions in Indonesia such as Rendang from West Sumatera, Sate Maranggi from West Java, Cincane Chicken from Kalimantan, and many others adapted by the built groups. Currently, the production of Indonesian Culinary menus can be produced in 6 built groups, namely Tanjung Burung, Tanjung Pasir, Tegal Angus, Pangkalan, Dadap and West Kosambi.

It is hoped in the future there will be more and more productions that can be produced by the UMKM participants in the Teluknaga District and there will also be an increasing number of built groups from other various regions.