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House Trend in North Jakarta Escalates by 40% in 2022

North Jakarta area which is growing rapidly in terms of commercial and residential, photo source 

Based on data from the property portal, there is an increasing trend of searching for advertisements for houses for sale in North Jakarta in the first quarter of 2022. Previously, in the fourth quarter of 2021, the search for homes for sale was 2,281, then increased to 3,126 in the first quarter of 2022. this.

This significant increase shows the public's enthusiasm for houses in the premium area of ​​North Jakarta with Pantai Indah Kapuk which is well-known as a leading residential and commercial area.

Pantai Indah Kapuk area, especially the Golf Island area to PIK 2, is synonymous with interesting tourist destinations, namely Cove at Batavia, Pantjoran PIK and Pantjoran PIK extensions, culinary areas at Batavia PIK, and others.

The area around Pantai Indah Kapuk also offers a variety of exclusive residences, full of facilities to help facilitate daily activities, offering maximum comfort for residents such as Kem Chick supermarket, PIK Avenue Mall to the best health care facilities such as Tzu Chi Hospital.

Moreover, on August 26, 2022, By The Sea, a shopping center with an open concept as a tropical shopping paradise was officially opened in the Golf Island area, precisely in the Pantai Maju area. By The Sea presents a variety of fashion and beauty tenants by the nation's children as well as several food & beverage tenants. The concept presented is very unique, being on the beach where you can enjoy the cool sea breeze while shopping.

Find a wide selection of well-known fashion and beauty brands such as 3Mongkis, Bloom et Champs, Shop by Kami, Lewis Emma, ​​Optik Seis, Luxcrime, Studio Tropik and many other choices. While accompanying the shopping session, don't miss the opportunity to taste delicious ice cream at Cold Moo, sweet Greek desserts at Lukulokal, Teazzi, Feel Matcha, Amyrea and various other food & beverage tenants.

There is no doubt that the development of the North Jakarta area makes it an indicator as an ideal residential area to choose from. Well, if you want to live in an area close to these public facilities, then Pasir Putih Residences PIK 2 as a 150 HA residential area with 11 clusters in it is the right choice.

Pasir Putih Residences is the right choice for the right investment instrument for you in 2022. Because the location and access are very easy to reach. In terms of access, of course, there is no need to doubt. For the access, you only need to go to PIK 2, then take the bridge to Golf Island and over the bridge again until you reach White Sand Beach.

The location of Pasir Putih Residences is only 7 minutes from the PIK 2 interchange. To access PIK 1 from the Pasir Putih Residences residential area, travel time is only 3 minutes. Very supportive for those of you who have high mobility.

For internal facilities within the area, Pasir Putih Residences is equipped with premium facilities with a resort feel in the form of a beautiful lake covering an area of ​​16.2 hectares that surrounds the area with white sand on its banks, a jogging track view of the lake along ± 2.5 Km and a jogging track with stunning views. Mangrove forest along ±2.7 KM, as well as various other interesting facilities on the edge of the lake.

Still around the Pasir Putih Residences area, visit The Club which is the most luxurious clubhouse in North Jakarta covering an area of ​​approximately 1.5 hectares which is managed professionally equivalent to a five-star hotel, there are also various very complete facilities that are ready to pamper you and your family starting from kids playground, multifunction outdoor lawn, cafe, lobby & lounge, modern mini market, restaurant, outdoor alfresco dining, community art park, pets run & park, lakeside art platform deck, community garden and many more.