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In order to build awareness and togetherness towards the surrounding community, in the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1445 Hijriah, Community Development PIK2 held a series of events in the form of Alms and Iftar with Orphans in Teluknga Sub-District, Tangerang.

This activity, which has been carried out regularly since 2021, has become an opportunity to stay in touch with local stakeholders. This activity is also a form of PIK2's concern for the surrounding community.

A series of alms activities for orphans was held on Wednesday, 20 March 2024 in 5 sub-districts; Teluknaga, Kosambi, Pakuhaji, Sepatan and East Sepatan by distributing a total of 600 packages to 600 orphans.

Apart from that, this series of activities closed with an iftar with the orphans from 5 sub-district which was held on Thursday, 21 March 2024 at the Teluknaga Sub-District Office where the children and invited guests also received a tausiyah delivered by Ust. Dr. KH. Mahrusilah Zarkasih, MA.

Present at this event was Dr. Ir. H. Restu Mahesa, M.M as Director of Estate Management PIK2, H. Asmawi, S.Ip, M.M as Chief of Kosambi Sub-District, Zamzam Manohara, S.STP as Chief of Teluknaga Sub-District, H. Mohamad Supriyatna, S.Sos, M.M as Chief of Pakuhaji Sub-District or a representative, H. Abudin S.IP, M.M as Chief of Sepatan Sub-District, Miftah Shuritho, S.STP., M.M as Chief of East Sepatan Sub-District, Okto Fianus and Richard Octovianus as representatives of Community Development PIK2.

""We and the Sub-District team are very grateful for the special attention from PIK2. Hopefully, Allah will give back your good intentions with doubles and become good deeds of worship,"" said H. Abudin S.IP., MM in his speech.

Zamzam Manohara as the host of Teluknaga Sub-District also expressed his gratitude for holding this event. ""And we pray that with a blessing like this, we can be even more enthusiastic about studying, can stay healthy and hopefully become human beings who are useful for their family, their environment and for the community around them and for all of us,"" he added.

Hopefully this iftar event can establish a good relationship between PIK2 and the community around the PIK2 area."