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Community Development PIK2 continues to be committed to alleviating the problem of dropping out of school through the Bang Pendi Program. The Bang Pendi Program, which has the meaning of Rise through Equivalency Education, is one of the Education Pillars implemented by Community Development PIK2.

In 2023, PIK2 will once again organize the 3rd batch of the Equivalency Education Program Pursuing Packages B and C which has started teaching and learning activities at the Terbit Terang Community Learning Activity Center, Teluknaga Sub-District and was inaugurated on 21 December 2023 by Sofyan M.Si, as a representative from the Tangerang Regency Education Office together with Drs. Ahmad Ruhyat Jamal M.Si, as Chair Person of the PKBM Bimanindo Terbit Terang Foundation and Restu Mahesa as Estate Management Director of Agung Sedayu Group. Also present at the inauguration of this program was Rosiyah, S.Pd, as Director and Principal of PKBM Terbit Terang School, as well as representatives from Teluknaga Sub-District and 3rd year students.

"I, on behalf of the Tangerang Regency Education Office, appreciate the collaboration between PIK2 and PKBM Terbit Terang in alleviating school dropouts and out-of-school children, especially in the Teluknaga area," said Sofyan M.Si.

After successfully graduating 170 students in 2022, in 2023 PIK2 is back to provide Scholarships Program for Pursuing Packages B and C for people who have dropped out of school in Teluknaga Sub-District and Kosambi Sub-District, totaling 140 students consisting of 40 participants Pursuing Package B and 100 participants Pursuing Package C.

The decrease in the number of participants that the Bang Pendi Program which has been held since 2021 is effective in alleviating the problem of dropping out of school in Tangerang Regency, especially Teluknaga Sub-District and Kosambi Sub-District.

It is hoped that with this equivalency program we can help each other to achieve an increasingly advanced, dignified and quality life.