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Acting Regent of Tangerang Plants Chilies in the Waru Brilliant Bojong Renged Thematic Village

Adidaya Village PIK2, provided assistance with chili seeds and planting methods to the Waru Brilliant Farmers Team, which means Bojong Renged, Beautiful, Sustainable, Safe and Peaceful Environment. This event was symbolically inaugurated by Andi Ony, Acting Regent of Tangerang in Bojong Renged Village, Teluknaga Sub-District, Tangerang Regency on 6 March 2024.

This activity is a collaboration between Edufarmers and PIK2. The Community Empowerment Program by PIK2 is still continuing, one of which is in the Waru Brilliant Farmers Team Development Group. PIK2 provided 3000 chili tree seedlings to the Waru Brilliant Development Group.

This activity was also attended by Zamzam Manohara as Chief of Teluknaga Sub-District, Suhendra, HMS as Chief of Bojong Renged Village, SAPRI S Sos as Member of the Regional Legislative Council of Tangerang Regency and Oktavianus and Okto Fianus as representatives of PT Kukuh Mandiri Lestari - PIK 2 and their staff.

This program was welcomed by the people of Bojong Renged Village because it could improve the community's economy and received a positive response from the Tangerang Regency regional apparatus, namely the Acting Regency, and the Agriculture Office. "I really appreciate the Bojong Renged Village Chief's program for his concern in supporting government programs, especially the Tangerang Regency Government, which is following up on the President's directions for us on how to overcome inflation," said Andy Ony.

Apart from providing seeds and fertilizer, the Edufarmers Team also introduced planting technology, which is a system for cultivating seeds and planting chilies intensively. By using a system that utilizes water continuously with the aim of controlling and stabilizing conditions, chili plants reduce the amount of water used. Of course, by using this system, planting cultivation will increase productivity.

Meanwhile, Zamzam Manohara said, "today, we are ceremonially planting chilies on an area of 3000 meters, various types of red cayenne peppers, curly red chilies and also several other plants." He hopes that at the Waru Brilliant Thematic Village location, in collaboration with Edufarmers and PIK2, it can become a pilot project related to the issue of modernizing planting or farming methods in the Teluknaga Sub-District area. "The hope is that local farmers and traditional farmers will be able to gain new techniques and knowledge, so that in the future they can produce bigger and more productive plants," he concluded.

We hope that the empowerment program that has been designed can run smoothly and provide benefits to the people of Bojong Renged Village, Teluknaga Sub-District and that good relations will be established between the community, the Tangerang Regency Government and PIK2.