Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group


As a form of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Tangerang Regency area, Community Development PIK2 implemented the Taman Baca Cemara Literacy Corner Program to celebrate Language Month on Wednesday, 1 November 2023.

The Literacy Corner event with Kak Rara which was held at the Marketing Gallery Pasir Putih PIK2 was attended by Restu Mahesa as Estate Management Director of Agung Sedayu Group, Evelina Setiawan as Marketing & Promotion Director of Agung Sedayu Group, Miranda Dyah Widiastuti K as Advertising & Promotion Director of Agung Sedayu Group and Lucia Aditjakra as Sales & Marketing Department Head – PIK2.

This event, which is held regularly almost every year, aims to increase children’s creativity in learning, reading and playing. This time, ±50 children from Dadap Village and Lemo Village were invited to get to know colors while learning to color and listening to fairy tales with content creator & musical storyteller Kak Zack and Kak Kanya. Apart from that, Community Development PIK2 also provided donations including stationery, toys, storybooks and folding study tables to children.

“In my opinion, reading is very important, and this reading culture must start from childhood, so younger siblings must be regulated and nurtured by their parents so that they love reading. It turns out that the hobby of reading brings a lot of luck and benefits, especially at work. My message once again to the kids and parents is, firstly, cultivate reading because it will play an important role and secondly, introduce colors from a young age because that is also very important.” Evelina Setiawan said in her speech.

By holding this Literacy Corner event with Kak Rara, hopefully in the future Indonesian children will be able to create creative ideas to make Indonesia more advanced.