Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group


In commemoration of the language month that falls in the month of October, PIK 2 Community Development held an activity "Literacy Corner with Rara" that took the hands of the students in Paud SPS Permata West Kosambi in Marketing Gallery at Pasir Putih PIK 2. The invitation of Mr. Tarno, the legendary Indonesian magician also enlivened the series of events held. Also attending and witnessing were Evelina Setiawan - Corporate Marketing & Promotion Director and Miranda - Advertising & Promotion Director Agung Sedayu Group, as well as Restu Mahesa - Township Management Director, Okto Fianus - Head of General Affair, and Richard Octovianus - Head of PIK 2 Community Development.

Literacy Corner is one of the education pillar programs that has been held continuously by the PIK 2 Community Development team for approximately 1 year. Literacy Corner with Rara aims to increase children's creativity in learning, reading, and playing. Since the beginning of this program, there have been many goood people who have participated in supporting the success of the Literacy Corner program, one of which is the active participation of the community who have donated both books and toys for this activity.

On this occasion, donations in the form of books and toys were distributed to Paud SPS Permata. "This is a happy opportunity and we really support the Literacy Corner activity which is being held with SPS Permata, where this Literacy Corner, as Madam Evelina said, can help these children's interest in reading increase, be more creative, get to know the outside world." Restu Mahesa explained during his speech.

"Hopefully this effort can be useful for the younger generation and in the future reading can become a hobby, where if there used to be the term four healthy five perfect foods, then it was added to six and the sixth is reading," said Evelina Setiawan. Hopefully with the participation of good people in the continuation of the Literacy Corner of Cemara Reading Garden, it can make the next generations of the nation smart and qualified.