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PIK 2 as the latest modern city located in the north of Jakarta, has so many excellent facilities within. Sophisticated and modern tools are provided to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of PIK 2 facilities, one of them is Smart Vehicle. Smart Vehicle PIK 2 is a built-up machine and imported directly from Italy, which is why it was special and had many distinction from what we saw on the market. This cleaning machine vehicle is very distinctive with the steering wheel in the middle and can sweep the road with a width of 3 meters.

PIK 2 Smart Vehicle can clean the streets with a water spray equipped with a vacuum through the rear trunk. This vacuum has a very strong suction power and can also be used to clean garden medians.

The sewage tank is equipped with a hydraulic engine so that the dirt can be directly dumped into the dump truck.

With modern equipment equipped in PIK 2 area, cleanliness and comfort can be well maintained. Let's keep our environtment clean for the sake of preserving the ecosystem that we will pass on to our children and grandchildren.