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On 31 October 2022, BKKBN Banten and Tribun Banten held the Stunting Heroes Award at the Horison Ultima Ratu Serang Hotel. Where on this occasion, Community Development PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari once again received an award as the Best Stunting Care Company in the whole of Banten Province. After previously PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari received an award as the first company to become "Foster Father" in providing community nutrition improvement in stunting prevention activities at the Stunting Lokus, Teluknaga District. Present at the event was TNI General (Purn) Dr. H. Moeldoko, SIP as the Head of Presidential Staff, Dr. Al Muktabar, M.Sc as PJ Governor of Banten, and Dr. Dadi Ahmad Roswandi, M.Si as Acting Head of BKKBN Banten Province Representative.

The award for "Best Stunting Care Company" was received directly by Restu Mahesa, as the Director of Township Management of PIK 2 and Okto Fianus and Richard Octovianus who were present representing the Community Development team of PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari as the executor of Si Melon Program.

The Stunting Prevention and Alleviation Program organized by PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari is called "Si Melon" which means Healthy Society towards Zero Stunting. Si Melon Program was held at the Stunting Lokus of Teluknaga District, namely Muara Village, Lemo Village, Pangkalan Village, and Tegal Angus Village.

The existence of "Si Melon Stunting Prevention and Alleviation Program" is expected to reduce the prevalence of stunting in Tangerang Regency and can be a motivation for stakeholders to be able to solve the stunting problems together.