Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group


ALL SEDAYU HOTEL in collaboration with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) on 11 February 2022 held a blood donation activity in the hotel neighborhood.

This blood donation activity is one of ALL SEDAYU HOTEL's social activities as a tangible manifestation of ALL SEDAYU HOTEL's concern for humanity and health which is routinely held every 3 months and is attended by ALL SEDAYU HOTEL employees. The need for blood is quite large, during this pandemic the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) cannot fulfill it at certain times. The need for blood is not fulfilled because the number of people who need blood is not proportional to the number of existing blood donors.

For this reason, this blood donor activity is held regularly as a real contribution of ALL SEDAYU HOTEL employees to Indonesian people. The great benefits of donating blood are not only felt for donor recipients, but also for donors, namely for health, where this activity can increase the production of new red blood cells to replace red blood cells that have been lost. So that the health of employees can be maintained properly. A total of 75 donors succeeded in donating their blood.

Through this social activity, apart from being aimed at humanity, it is also expected to continue to increase the awareness of ALL SEDAYU HOTEL employees to share with others, because a drop of blood that is given means a lot to the lives of others.