Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group


After the Kick Off Drag Night Race on 16 December 2023 was successfully held, Team Best of Speed in collaboration with Spike Activation, Agung Sedayu Group and IMI Banten held the first event on 8-9 March 2024 with the title “Super Street Night Race Round 1 PIK2 2024”.

The Drag Night Race activity which was held at the Non-Permanent Circuit Asia Africa Street-Miami Beach, PIK2 will hold 2 class of Drag Street; 201 meters on the first day and 402 meters on the second day. This activity was initially conceptualized as a wild race on the highway which was later changed to the concept of being as comfortable and safe as possible for the racers and the race also has a tourist feel with views of the beach during the day and night as well as the contribution of MSMEs and Indomaret at the location, so that the racers and spectators can enjoy the racing atmosphere with the family.

The enthusiasm of racing fans for this event is very high. This was proven by the large number of participants who registers, up to more than 300 participants for the 201 meters class and 229 participants for the 402 m class. With a total prize of ±172 million, participants are increasingly enthusiastic about testing their vehicles and skills to achieve victory. Various types of cars appear with extraordinary performance. From old cars to electric cars, there were those who took part in testing their speed.

Asep was one of the participants from West Java who took part in the competition in both classes and succeeded in becoming the fastest race participant with a record for track 201 for 7,051 seconds and track 402 for 10,701 seconds using a BMW M4 G82 vehicle. Meanwhile, the overall champion in the Bracket time class was achieved by N.P Pamungkasi from DKI with 27 points. And of course there are many other champions in different categories and classes.

This event was a great start to a drag racing event in a new location. With a good track and very good lighting for a night racing event. Where in the end participants can produce a national time record on the track used.

With these results, drag race event activities at PIK2 will be eagerly awaited by dragrace drivers.