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Green sustainability is a theme that is widely discussed by property stakeholders in the country. This is because it is not only the government that is responsible for sustainable development issues, business people and society also have the same interests and responsibilities. Recently, the issue of sustainable building has often been plotted as an urgent topic in a number of constructive discussions among property business players and environmental and urban planning observers. Developers together with architects, interior designers and environmental experts are increasingly enthusiastic about promoting new property and city products that are 'green', meaning friendly to nature.

Supporting the development of sustainable properties, the Indonesian Synergy Developer Group held the Synergy Green Building Festival. Where this group has proven that the potential for business networks and the property industry is still very large and has also collaborated with various parties to be able to provide mutually beneficial synergies, not only for related parties, but also for the progress of the property business world and all related industries. One form of its synergy is by holding this festival.

Held at IDD PIK2, the Synergy Green Building Festival presents suppliers of building materials, furniture, art and landscapes who are concerned about green sustainability issues.

The event was opened by the Founder of the Indonesian Synergy Developer Group, Ismet Natakarmana, on 8 March 2024. The Synergy Green Building Festival, which was held from 8-11 March 2024, was initiated by the Synergy Group in collaboration with PT Townland International, Property and The City, and Indonesia Property Watch, and received support from Agung Sedayu Group, Panorama Media, Mega Build Indonesia, and White Horse Group.

"The event concept was worked on by Townland International to create a green festival concept. The green concept shines clearly when entering the Indonesia Design District (IDD) PIK2 hall, where this festival is being held," said Ismet Natakarmana.

The Synergy Green Building Festival also presents various talk shows about green development from speakers from the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) Jakarta and Banten, the Indonesian Interior Designers Association (HDII), the Indonesian Landscape Architects Association (IALI), the Indonesian Green Building Council (GBCI), Indonesia Feng Shui Architects (IFSA), PT Townland International, AEC Group, Artelia Indonesia, Gunung Raja Paksi, Atelierriri, PTI Architect, Urban+, Image Qreator, University of Indonesia (UI), Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bogor Institute of Agricultural (IPB), Tarumanagara University, Trisakti University, Pelita Harapan University.