Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group


Community empowerment program by the Community Development Team of PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari - PIK2 is still ongoing. One of them is the Wanita Tani "Anyelir", assisted group from Pangkalan Village, Teluknaga District. On May 18, 2022, by carrying out the Kampung Adidaya PIK2 (Kampung Cakap Berdaya) concepts, PIK2 collaborated with the Fisheries Department provided as many as 13,315 pomfret fish seeds and 1,000 catfish seedlings, as well as 4 tons of fish feed enough to meet 6 months of fish maintenance.

This event was attended by, Zamzam Manohara as  Head of Teluknaga Sub-district, Ahmad Muhrim, Head of Pangkalan Village, Hj. Andriyani as Head of P3 from the Fisheries Deparment and his staff, and Aswanah, S.pd as Chairman of Tp.Pkk Pangkalan Village. This fish seed assistance was given directly by representatives from PIK2, Richard Octovianus, as Head of CSR and Okto Fianus Head of GA (as representative of PT KML).

The activity began with a procession of stocking seedlings in several places, such as Pangkalan Educational Park, Saung Ki Dalang and Saung Ki Ayub.  The Pangkalan Educational Park is  an area that was also made as a tourism and educational park for children and residents around Suka Karya Village, Pangkalan Village. Where they can learn about how to cultivate fish, grow crops and also read many variety books in the small library that available in this area.

In addition to providing seeds and feed, the PIK2 Community Development Team also introduced recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology which is an intensive fish farming system using a system that utilizes water continuously with the aim of controlling and stabilizing the condition of fish ponds, reducing the amount of water use and regulating oxygen levels in ponds. Of course, using the RAS system equipped with an aerator and bio-filter system will increase fish farming productivity because there are also 2 pairs of filters that function to filter dirt and supply oxygen.

This program was welcomed by the people of Pangkalan Village because it could improve the community's economy and received a positive response from the local Fisheries Department and the Tangerang Regency regional apparatus.

 “We, on behalf of the Teluknaga District Government as well as the Pangkalan Village Government and the Pangkalan villagers, would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari or Agung Sedayu Group in this case has provided assistance and distribution of fish seeds in Pangkalan Village, namely at KWT "Anyelir" Pangkalan Village." Zamzam Manohara said when interviewed after the fish stocking event.

Hopefully, the empowerment program that has been designed by the PIK2 Community Development Team will run smoothly and can provide benefits for the people of Pangkalan Village and its surroundings, as well as establish of love between local communities, the Tangerang Regency Government, and PIK2.