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Tokyo Riverside Apartment, The Best Apartment for Millennials

Millennials, are the generation born between 1981 and 1996. They have become one of many main targets in the property market. They have different preferences and needs in choosing a residence. One option that is currently popular among them is apartment.

Based on data from, in the second quarter of 2023, interest in looking for advertisements for apartments for sale in Jakarta is dominated by millennials aged 25-34 years (38.46%), then in second place is the 18-24 year old group (31.5 %), ranked third, followed by the 35-44 year age group (14.3%) and the 45-54 age group (13.4%).

So, what is the reason why many millennials are interested in buying apartments? Here's the review:


One of the main reasons why millennials are interested in apartments is because of the practicality of the lifestyle they have. Apartments usually have a more compact size compared to landed houses - making them easier to manage and maintain. This is perfect for millennials who tend to have busy schedules and want to avoid the hassle associated with residential home maintenance. Additionally, apartments often have amenities such as 24-hour security and maintenance services, which add to the convenience of living.

Complete Facilities

Modern apartments are often equipped with a full range of facilities. Examples include swimming pools, fitness centers, children's playgrounds, community rooms, and so on. These facilities add value to the apartment investment and enable millennials to live an active and healthy lifestyle without having to leave the housing complex.

Strategic location

Location is one of the key factors in choosing a place to live, and apartments are often located in very strategic locations. Many apartments are located in the city center or close to important business centers. This makes it easy to access workplaces, shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment. Millennials often appreciate this convenience, as it can save time and energy on their daily commute.

Offers a Unique Concept That is Rarely Found in Housing

Some apartments offer unique concepts that are rarely found in landed houses. For example, there are apartments that are designed with unique architectural themes or have special features such as a rooftop garden or sky lounge with beautiful views. Concepts like this add aesthetic value and are attractive to millennials who want to have a residence with a unique character.

Search Trends Continue to Increase

Lastly, millennial search trends continue to increase when it comes to buying an apartment. They tend to do in-depth research online, read reviews, and look for references from their peers. This makes them more informed about the apartment property market, so they can make better decisions in their residential investments.

So, for those of you millennials who are currently interested in looking for vertical housing, the Tokyo Riverside apartment is a ready-to-move-in apartment that could be the right choice. The apartment, which is located in the PIK 2 independent city area, offers a variety of 5 star facilities that can be used by millennials.

Examples include a lobby equivalent to a 6 star hotel, Tokyo Hub, Tzu Chi School, Day Care, Supermarket, Trade Center, Home Care, Traditional Market, Clinic, Food Court, Club House, Basketball Court, Laundry, F&B Tenants, Shinjuku & Roppongi Street. Also equipped with a Fitness Club which is managed by professional management.

This apartment also uses a variety of advanced features that can be used by millennials. For example, there is a Smart Visitor System which can allow you to receive guests even though you are not in the apartment unit. Then there is also the Smart Welcome Home System, which can help residents use various electronic devices remotely. Such as curtains, air conditioning, lights, television and so on.

In terms of security, this apartment is also equipped with Smart Home Protection technology. Then there is also Smart Home Solution technology which can make it easier to operate electronic devices in the room. Finally, there is Smart Community which can be used to pay maintenance fees and book facilities at the apartment club house.

Tokyo Riverside Apartment itself was built with the concept of Japanese Modern Living Style which offers a life experience like in Japan's Sakura Country. This project was built by giant developer Agung Sedayu Group on ┬▒60 hectares of land, around ┬▒50 percent of which is used as green open space and attractive facilities.