Berita terbaru Agung Sedayu Group

Agung Sedayu For All

During 2021, Agung Sedayu Group individually or collaborating with several agencies and companies, carried out social assistance actions to various regions in an effort to help surrounding areas that are experiencing difficulties and are hit by disasters, especially during covid 19 pandemic.

To support the fight against covid 19, Agung Sedayu Group along with entrepreneurs under KADIN and in collaboration with Buddha Tzu Chi Foundation raised donations on July 23, 2021 to provide assistance of around 35,000 tons of rice for 7 million families, oxygen concentrators, activation of vaccine centers, and distribution of drugs that are still difficult to obtain for Covid-19 patients.

On Wednesday 7 September 2021, PIK 2 held CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which where routinely held to help people affected by disasters. The aid was distributed to 4 RTs in Desa Muara, Teluknaga District in the form of 2 tons of rice and 200 packages of basic necessities. Each resident received 1 basic food package, containing vitamins, instant noodles, cooking oil, coffee, sardines, milk, biscuits and a 10 kg sack of rice.

In a different occasion, on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 CSR - PT. Kukuh Mandiri Lestari PIK 2 provided social assistance for the tidal flood disaster in Kosambi and Teluknaga Subdistricts - Tangerang District Assistance in the form of 10 tons of rice and 10,000 medical masks distributed to the sub-district heads of Kosambi and Teluknaga sub-districts, Tangerang district. The provision of this assistance is a form of the company's concern for the tidal flood disaster that befell the local community.

Not only that, CSR PIK 2 also has several other social activities in an effort to help the economic resilience of the surrounding community, such as BLK (Job Training Center). Also “Taman Baca”, an activity that contributes in the form of education, to increase children's interest in reading and makes reading a fun activity for children. We hope that this assistance can help and ease the burden on the community. In the future, let us continue to work hand in hand to help Indonesia rise and recover from the pandemic and become more victorious.