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Follow these 2022 House Feng Shui Tips to Get Lucky!

Welcoming the Chinese New Year, this year is the year of the water tiger where the year of the tiger according to feng shui has a wood element and this year the wood element will meet the water element. This is interpreted as a good sign, because water can support the growth of wood.

When entering the Chinese New Year, usually many parties try to renovate their homes, the aim is to create an energy balance that will eventually bring hockey. Feng shui at home basically has 5 main elements, namely the element of water, the element of fire, the element of wood, the element of earth and the last is the element of metal.

So, to many more lucks come in this year, you can follow the tips for feng shui of the house in 2022. Let's see what's on the list!

Decorate The House with Water Elements

Since this year is the year of the water tiger, there is an element of water in it. We recommend using various decorations that are closely related to the water element, such as water pictures or decorations that are blue representing water. The purpose of this water element decoration is to attract good luck and ward off bad luck.

Take a Look at These Lucky Colors!

The lucky colors in this year of the Water Tiger are bright red, mint green, gold and blue. You can display these colors in your house, for example on living room sofa cushion covers, curtains, tablecloths or other decoration ornaments with matching colors. 

Use Crystal as a Decoration

Crystals are known to clear the negative energy away from your house. Place crystals in your house to be precise for the types of black tourmaline and hematite crystals. This is done as a step to dispel negative energy.

Fix Broken Faucet

When it comes to house feng shui, flowing water symbolizes money. Well, if in your house there is a water faucet that is damaged and causes the water to flow continuously, it can be symbolized as an expenditure leak. It is better to repair a broken water faucet because it is believed that you are helping to prevent unexpected expenses.

New year is related to everything new. New lifestyle, new haircut or even new house. This is the right time for you to buy a house. There's nothing wrong with looking at a house in the PIK 2 area, namely Pasir Putih Residences. A housing area of ​​±150 HA with 11 clusters in it. The location of this housing is in a hype area that is loved by the community.

Pasir Putih Residences has a lot of exclusive facilities ranging from a ±1.5 HA as one of the biggest clubhouse named The Club, a ±2.5 KM lake view jogging track and a ±2.7 KM long jogging track with a view of the Mangrove forest surrounding the residential area. There is also a gym, exercise class, multifunction hall, swimming pool, spa and kids playground.

Other exclusive facilities include a lobby & lounge, cafe, restaurant, modern mini market, outdoor alfresco dining, multifunction outdoor lawn and wall climbing in this Pasir Putih Residences housing complex. The advantage of living in the Pasir Putih Residences area is that it is flood-free because it is equipped with a polder system.

Enjoy the magnificent lake which covers an area of ​​16.2 HA. Around the lake, you will be spoiled with a number of entertainment spots such as community art parks, pet runs & parks, lakeside art platform decks, community gardens, and others.

Not only the facilities in the residential area that pamper you, but also around the area. There are many choices of other culinary places, especially in the PIK 2 area that you can visit such as Cove at Batavia PIK. This culinary destination is very instagramable, offering views of the beach and sunset in the afternoon.

There are many choices of delicious and contemporary restaurants such as Talassa which is a unique restaurant with the concept of dining on a phinisi, then there is Pizza Dealer, This Earth, Livingstone Cafe & Bakery from Bali and one of the newest from this area is Pantjoran PIK Extension where there are various choices Legendary delicious food such as Zangrandi, Kwetiau Mangga Besar and also interesting photo spots such as magnificent pagodas and various other instagrammable spots.

Then, there is Urban Farm which is a contemporary culinary destination with an instagramable design, to shopping centers like PIK Avenue Mall, The Food Hall, KemChick, PIK Fresh Market and so on.

There are two hospitals near the PIK 2 area, namely Pantai Indah Kapuk Hospital and Tzu Chi Hospital. There are also qualified educational centers such as Tzu Chi School, Bina Bangsa High School, Saint Nicholas School, BPK Penabur School and others.

This housing is very accessible. To be able to go to the Pasir Putih Residences, you only need to go to PIK 2, then take the bridge to the golf island and cross the bridge again until you reach Pasir Putih Residences. 

The location of Pasir Putih Residences is only 7 minutes from the PIK 2 interchange. To access PIK 1 from the house area, the travel time is only 3 minutes. Very supportive for those of you who have high mobility.