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Cove at Batavia PIK hosted the NFT Festival

Karafuru Carnival

In last year popularity of Non-Fungible Token or NFT industry has increased rapidly. Coupled with the development of digital technology and high enthusiasm society towards digital assets, popularity of NFT is predicted to skyrocket in 2022.

Seeing this enthusiasm, Cove at Batavia PIK which was located on Golf Island Pantai Indah Kapuk was appointed to host the Karafuru Carnival, an NFT festival have collaboration between Museum of Toys, USS Feeds and Indonesian illustrator WD Willy as a creator of NFT Karafuru.

“Karafuru Carnival presents playful and colorful concept. Accordance with this concept, Cove at Batavia PIK was a right venue or playground to organize this event. With an adequate complete facilities and a beautiful beach side views also support the atmosphere of the event to be more lively," said Grady Edbert as Project Leader for Karafuru Carnival and co-founder of Karafuru.

Held from March 25 to April 3, 2022, Karafuru Carnival not only presents a series of exciting activities but also activities to introduce Karafuru and provide NFT education to the general public.

The activities were presented included Cosplay Runway Competition, NFT discussion sessions, eating contests to interesting games such as Frisbee Toss, Mini Golf, Darts Balloon, Shooting Ball Splash. Educational session was also held online on Indonesia Comic Con YouTube channel on March 28 where the event was attended by WD Willy, Grady Edbert and Mythia Batford.

“Introducing Karafuru NFT offline has been part of our grand plan since it was first established. Not only invirtual world, we also want NFT holders have an opportunity to collect our NFT artwork and learn more about the prospects for NFT business in Indonesia,” said WD Willy as a creator of NFT Karafuru.

Grady also added that this event also provided an opportunity for NFT community in Indonesia to meet and learn with NFT holders from other countries. Not only that, visitors can also learn various interesting things and discuss NFT industry with the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir.

“We are very overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of people for this event. To date, there have been around 40,000 visitors who attended, including our holders from Spain, Vietnam and the United States.” Support local creative industries in digital world.

According to Dappradar data, the trend of global non-fungible token (NFT) sales transactions reach US$25 billion (around Rp359 trillion) throughout 2021 compared to the total of transaction volume from the previous year's sales which was only US$94.9 million (approximately Rp1.4 trillion).

In Indonesia, the trend of NFT is also increasing, seen from the increasing number of local marketplace players. Not only that, the increase of popularity also supported by number of homeland celebrities and talented illustrators who market their NFT works.

“The current of NFT industry is very important for artist community in Indonesia because with this technology we can freely market and promote our work to a wider market,” said WD Willy.

In the future, Karafuru NFT team has planned various other interesting events, both online and offline, for communities who want to learn and collaborate with industry players.

About Karafuru

Inspired by Japanese culture, Karafuru is a collaborative NFT project Museum of Toys, Urban Sneaker Society (USS), and Indonesian illustrator WD Willy, which is presented digitally and in real life.

On February 4, 2022, Karafuru features 5,555 NFT in 2D style, which is generatively based on 12 character styles, and will be followed by 3D variants for use. Metaverse can finally be enjoyed as Reallife Art Toys.

Since joining the OpenSea platform in January 2022, Karafuru has managed to sell 5.6 thousand NFT images and become the number one Trending Worldwide on OpenSea in February 2022.

About Cove at Batavia PIK

Cove at Batavia PIK is an outdoor area on the beachfront of Golf Island that presents a retail concept to meet the lifestyle needs of modern consumers. Occupies an outdoor area. With an area of 4,555 m2, this outdoor destination presents a unique experience of dining, shopping and relaxing with friends and family through various F&B and retail tenants.