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Greysia Apriyani go to Visit PIK2

Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu received a lot of appreciation from various parties, not only from the government but also from private parties, one of which is PIK2, which is a masterpiece of Agung Sedayu Group and Salim Group.

On Sunday, August 22, 2021, there was a prize presentation event to Indonesian srikandi who won a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the women's doubles badminton sport. And also for coaches who have contributed to bringing these two athletes to the top achievement.

We are also proud of the achievements of Indonesian athletes. As an appreciation, Agung Sedayu Group and Salim Group, represented by PIK2 Director, Mr. Nono Sampono, presented the house in PIK2 to Olympic Gold Heroes Greysia Polii, Apriyani Rahayu and Eng Hia in the form of 2 housing units in Pasir Putih Residences for both athletes and 1 housing unit in the California Cluster. Hopefully this can be a motivation for Indonesian athletes in the future.

The ceremony will be attended by Menpora, Kasetpres, Pangdam Jaya, Sekda Tangerang, president of PBSI and its board, also there will be senior Indonesia athletes.

After the ceremony, the event continued by going around looking at the facilities and beauty of the PIK2 area by riding the Batavia Tram. The facilities we visited are Sharia Tower and Islamic Financial District, Rainbow Bridge which is located at the confluence of Tahang River with the sea and white sand beach, Tokyo Riverside Apartment, Center Point, Entertainment and Leisure Hub Area covering an area of approximately 100 Ha, Greenbelt with an area of approximately 60 Ha, Sedayu Watertown Mall and Commercial Area.

PIK2 builds millions of facilities with a vision to maintain the investment value of PIK2 consumers. Now Greysia Polii, Apriyani Rahayu and Eng Hian have officially become citizens of PIK2.

Welcome to PIK2! Good luck! Let's Go Indonesia !

Photo Attachment:

1. Get around PIK2 using Batavia Tram

2. Aerial photo of Greenbelt area covering an area of approximately 60 Ha with the Tahang River splitting in the middle. Complete with jogging track on both sides.

3. From left to right: Alex Tirta (Chairman of PBSI Daily), Agung Firman Sampurna (Chairman of PBSI), Ali Hanafiah Liejaya (Vice Chairman of PBSI), Eng Hian (coach), Apriyani Rahayu (athlete), Greysia Polii (athlete), Evelina Setiawan (Corp. Marketing Director Agung Sedayu Group), pictured together with the backdrop of the rainbow bridge and the meeting of the Tahang river and the sea.