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Which One is More Profitable : House, Gold or Deposit Investment?

What’s on your mind when it comes to investment? House, gold or deposit? Essentially, this activity is carried out with the hope that in the future, the owner will obtain some profits. 

There are many kinds of investment instruments with the advantages of each one. Back to the old days, investment was often associated with high-income people only. Now, everybody can invest, including millennials. 

Property has long been known as an investment instrument. If it is compared to other types like deposits and gold, property is considered to be less risky and yield higher returns. Basically, there are many types of property that can be invested, one of them is a house. 

This type of property is well-known as a promising investment since it offers various advantages. Moreover, this is the ‘popular one’ among the public. No wonder that many investors are more fascinated by house investment. 

One of the advantages for doing house investment is the capital gain that is relatively high; increasing 10% - 15% per year. Of course, this depends on the location of the house you own. For the market, it comes from young families who aren’t owning a house.

Other than that, you will earn a monthly or annual fee without bringing too much effort. Simply by renting a house.  

House investment has the potential factor to generate long-term profits for you since, normally, property prices like houses escalate in price every year. You can sell it when the price has gone up significantly.

What about gold investment? This one is also known as  a prima-donna among the public, considering that gold is an investment that is easy to liquidate and also tax-free. However, fluctuating prices that tend to go up and down appear to be a drawback of gold investment, compared to house prices which tend to rise every year.

Likewise deposits that can be used as an investment as it has been safely guaranteed by Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS). Yet, keep in mind that deposits are weak against inflation. No matter how high the interest rate given, there will be no meaning if there is a spike in inflation.


House investment is more commercial compared to gold and deposit ones. The average increase in capital gains of a house is quite high, reaching 10% to 15% per year. Furthermore, a house brings out a passive income for you outside your ‘9 to 5’ salary by renting it out. In the long term, you can sell your house to earn a profit as the price tends to ‘rocket’ every year.

Still, you must pay attention to the location and facilities of the house area when it comes to investment. These two main factors support the rise in capital gains, also rental and selling prices if they take place in a strategic location with complete facilities like PIK 2 Housing. 

Buying a house in the PIK 2 Housing as an investment will bring you many benefits since it has complete and exclusive entertainment facilities like PIK 2 Center Point along with night market area, the largest seafood village in Indonesia, Thematic Garden from Bogor, Chocolate Village Thailand including live music, Supermarket Raksasa (Biggest Supermarket), Kampung Bakmi (Noodle Village), Tiong Bahru Market Singapore, North Point Commercial Boulevard, Tokyo Trade Center, 100 Chinese Restaurant, Asian Town which includes Korean Village, Japanese Garden, Middle East Souk, Chinatown, also the largest factory outlet in Indonesia. 

There are still a long lists of entertainment and leisure facilities offered at PIK 2, like approximately 4 KM of White Beach Sands (Pantai Pasir Putih), Green Belt City Forest that covers about 60 HA, Sedayu Watertown Mall, Mata Elang International Stadium, Rans Prestige Sport Center, Marina & Jetty, Pantjoran & Urban Farm culinary district, also shopping centers like PIK Avenue Mall. The Food Hall, Kem Chick, PIK Fresh Market and many more to fulfill your daily needs. 

For health care facilities, there are two hospitals located close to PIK 2 Housing which are Pantai Indah Kapuk and Tzu Chi Hospitals. There are also qualified educational centers like Tzu Chi School, St. Johannes Berchmans School, Bina Bangsa Senior High School, Saint Nicholas School, BPK Penabur School and others.

PIK 2 Housing nestled on approximately 2650 HA with an accessible route, nestled 3 interchange points at once which are provided to reach all corners of Jakarta and can be approached by non-toll roads, via PIK 2 Bridge. You only need 7 minutes to reach Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. 

Here, you find Pasir Putih Residence, a 150 HA residential area with 11 clusters in it. Equipped with a polder system so this residential area is flood-free. 

Countless exclusive facilities are offered like a clubhouse that covers an area of ​​1.5 HA, 2.5 KM of a jogging track with lake view and the other 2.7 KM one with Mangrove Forest view that surrounds Pasir Putih Residence area. There is also a gym, exercise class, multifunction hall, swimming pool, spa and kids playground.

In addition, you can find a lobby & lounge, cafe, restaurant, modern mini market, outdoor alfresco dining, multifunction outdoor lawn and wall climbing in Pasir Putih Residence. 

With a ‘green living’ concept, you will be pempered by the view of a panoramic lake which covers an area of ​​16.2 HA. Around the lake, discover various entertainment spots like community art park, pet runs & park, lakeside art platform deck, community garden, and many more. 

Houses at Pasir Putih Residence, PIK 2, are offered at very diverse prices and of course with an assortment of payment options. With a copious amount of complete facilities provided, including easy access to reach, this is the right choice for those of you who want to invest in a house.