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Get to Know The Advantages of Buying a House with Underground Electricity

Currently, lots of property developers are building housing units with underground electricity networks, because using this type of installation provides many advantages. Seeing the rampant sights of hanging electric cables, of course it spoils the beauty of the scenery. In addition, it is very vulnerable from a safety perspective to see the risk of being stung or fired.

Well, in this article, we will review the advantages of buying a house with an underground electricity network. Let’s take a look!

Doesn't Affect by Weather

Indonesia is a country of two seasons, namely there is a rainy season and a dry season. The weather changes are quite extreme plus the transition season where the weather is unpredictable, sometimes it rains heavily and then scorching heat appears, putting the electricity network at risk.

For example, strong winds or hot sun can make the power cable expand quickly. In addition, the aerial cable network has a high risk such as falling due to wind or burning due to lightning strikes. Seeing these risks, the underground power grid is the right solution for housing.

For Aesthetics Reason

Do you often come across residential areas where the installation of electrical wiring looks chaotic? You find the electric cables that hang down and of course it endangers pedestrians and passing vehicles.

This is one of the advantages of underground electrical installations, which is that they do not interfere with the view, unlike aerial electrical installations which are very distracting. This is very influential on the aesthetic beauty of a housing project. Not only that, air electricity also sometimes interferes with homeowners who want to plant trees in the yard.

Underground Power Grids are More Durable

It is a fact that underground electricity is more durable than aerial electricity. The underground power grid is said to be 2 times stronger than the aerial power grid.

The reason is the influence of weather factors where underground electricity is protected from scorching heat or extreme weather, so it will not cause damage to the cable.

If you are looking for housing that implements an underground electricity network system, then Pasir Putih Residences is the right choice. This is the choice of residence in the North of the Capital City with the maximum level of comfort. The residential area has an underground power grid which offers many advantages for the residents.

Pasir Putih Residences swhich is a residential area of ​​±150 HA with 11 clusters in it, there are even other entertainment facilities such as The Club, the most luxurious clubhouse in North Jakarta covering an area of ​​±1.5 Ha. The residential area is built with a polder system, so that apart from being safe from the risk of fire due to the aerial power cable network, this exclusive residential area is flood-free even though its location is close to the beach.

The house in the Pasir Putih Residences area, PIK 2, has a green living concept where you will be presented with views of a beautiful lake which covers an area of ​​±16.2 HA. Around the lake, you will be spoiled with a number of entertainment spots such as community art parks, pet runs & parks. Lakeside art platform deck, community garden, lobby & lounge, cafe, restaurant, modern mini market, outdoor alfresco dining, multifunction outdoor lawn and others.

Near the Pasir Putih Residences residential area there is a Waterfront which is a beach area with charming white sand along approximately 4 Km and also a Green Belt Area of ​​±60 Ha with green open areas such as Flower Garden, Sculpture Park, Amphitheater Park, and many others . Currently, there are bicycles and jogging tracks for ± 10 km that surround a green park and beautiful river view.

Talking about access to Pasir Putih Residences, there are 3 toll interchange points that connect the residential area in PIK 2 with the entire Jakarta area and its surroundings, so from Pluit or Muara Karang it can be reached in just 3 minutes. Then from and to Soekarno Hatta airport only about 15 minutes. Apart from toll roads, this housing estate can be accessed via non-toll roads, namely via a bridge that connects PIK1 with PIK2. So that it is very easy to reach from and to the center of the capital city.

PIK is well-known as one of the prestigious areas in North Jakarta which has various interesting tourist destinations, starting from Pantjoran PIK and Pantjoran PIK Extension which are iconic culinary areas located on Golf Island, then there is Cove at Batavia, a courtyard that offers charming seaside views where You can take a leisurely walk, cycle, jog to enjoy a wide selection of delicious restaurants.

Furthermore, still around the Golf Island area, there is a hype lately with a choice of contemporary tenants ranging from Talassa, LivingStone Cafe & Bakery, Lawless Burger, Oyster Dealer, This Earth, Pancious Go, Ask For Patty and others with white building on the edge of the rocky beach. Here you can enjoy the beautiful seaside by renting a bicycle or scooter, you know. Then, there is Urban Farm which is the location of the contemporary cafe Toby's Estate and the delicious restaurant Gioi.

There are also various choices of other entertainment facilities such as PIK 2 Center Point Area Leisure & Entertainment Hub covering an area of ​​± 100 Ha where you will find the largest Seafood Village in Indonesia, Asian Town with a 4 country theme, Shibuya Night Market, Tokyo Market, Mata Elang International Stadium and various other options.