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Menpora Appreciation of Public Attention to National Athletes

Interview with Sports Minister of Indonesia

In an interview at PIK2 (22/8), Minister of Tourism Dr. H. Zainudin Amali, S.E, M.Si appreciated the public and private sector who had also appreciated the achievements of national athletes. He said, "Yes, I think this is amazing, the attention of the community, especially the attention of the company. From Salim Group and Agung Sedayu Group, providing its own motivation for the achievements of our athletes. Once again thanks to PIK2, for giving appreciation to our Olympic gold medallists."

In addition to appreciation of the awards given to athletes as a form of community excitement, the Minister also responded to the PIK2 plan to build a sports center and establish PB PIK2, or PIK2 Badminton Association. As quoted from the recording of his interview, "Yes, I think it's a good plan. Sports facilities for society and for the development of talents that will emerge into talents. I think PIK2 is OK!"

Of course, the construction of this kind of sports center needs to be supported, not only looking for new talent but also spreading the craze for sports in the community massively. The sports center will be located in an area of approximately 43 ha, on the edge of the lake, which also in addition to the sports center will include other facilities. Among others, lakes, jogging tracks, parks, places of worship, and educational centers.

This sports center is also planned to be close together and very easily accessible from residential areas within PIK2, especially the millennial home area and Pasir Putih Residences. Where the majority of prospective residents of this area are young families with small children. So it is very appropriate to introduce the love of exercising early on.

Millenial residential area