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Olympic Heroes Love The Concept of Their Future Home

During their visit to PIK2, Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu had revealed the concept of their “house of dream’’. Greysia likes the concept of waterfront applied in PIK2, while Apriyani really likes the lakes in PIK2. PIK2 Indeed puts forward the concept of waterfront city or the concept of developing waterside areas, be it the waterfront, river, or lake. The application of this water management concept is inseparable from the concept of polder system applied in PIK2 as a flood prevention plan.

What is the polder system?

Polder system is a system that combines embankments, lakes, and pumps. Simply put, we can liken it to a bucket. Where the wall of the embankment surrounding the area is likened to the lip of a bucket, and the sea water is outside the bucket. How it works as follows:

  1. If the sea level increases, it will be overcome with an embankment wall. Simply raise the wall of the embankment, to protect the area.
  2. What if the water level is in an area that increases? When the rainwater falls, it will be channeled into the lakes in the area, and then pumped into the sea.

By utilizing these 2 methods, the streets in the area will never be increased even by 1cm.

Still related to the development of the waterside area, in the Pasir Putih Residences cluster which is the location of future residences Greysia and Apriyani, is planned to present a clubhouse right by the lake. Known as Pasir Putih Clubhouse or The Club. Magnificently designed as the no. 1 clubhouse in North Jakarta on an area of approximately 1.5 ha.

Pasir Putih Clubhouse

When you arrived at the drop off, you'll enter a very beautiful resort-style lobby. After that you will find the best facilities, including Olympic size swimming pool indoor and outdoor, resort pool, onsen pool, kiddie pool, club restaurant, supermarket, gym, tai chi area, mini theatre, karaoke room, to ballroom that is very elegant and functional so that it can celebrate various events such as office events, birthdays, or weddings. Pasir Putih Clubhouse is ready to serve the activities of all residents, from children, adults to the elderly, throughout the day.

Pasir Putih Clubhouse Swimming Pool

Greysia and Apriyani's house will be located right in front of the White Sand Clubhouse. Measuring 6x15 m, with 2 floors, and 3 +1 bedrooms, with the type name Pinus Is perfect for the dynamic & youthful Greysia and Apriyani.

View of House 6x15

Quoted from Greysia and Apriyani's interview on August 22, 2021 during a visit to PIK2, Greysia reminded the importance of investing in property for young people. "Very important. Especially if the facilities are complete, and maybe also an easy (way) payment. So, in my opinion, investing in the property sector really helps us as young people who may later have families. So you already have savings for the future,” said Greysia Polii.