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In order to carry out corporate environmental social responsibility in Tangerang Regency area, PT Kukuh Mandiri Lestari - PIK2 cooperates with Tangerang Regency Government.

The signing of collaboration between PT Kukuh Mandiri Lestari - PIK2 and Tangerang Regency Government was held on Friday, April 8, 2022 at Tangerang Regency Hall and was signed directly by Ahmed Zaki Iskandar as a Regent of Tangerang Regency and Nono Sampono as a President Director of PT Kukuh Mandiri Lestari. In addition, a cooperation agreement was signed with Tangerang District Health Office to support Tangerang District Government Program in overcoming stunting problem in Teluknaga District.

This event was also attended by Moch. Maesyal Rasyid as Regional Secretary of Tangerang Regency, Restu Mahesa as Estate Director of Agung Sedayu Group, Stephan Bambang as General Manager of PIK 2, Head of Tangerang Regency Health Office, Head of Teluknaga Subdistrict, Head of Tegal Angus Health Center, and Head of Muara Village.

“We are from local government, fully support the construction of a new satellite city, PIK2 which is currently underway. To bridge the needs of development and later operation of the satellite city area and also to absorb labor in PIK2 area, this joint social responsibility program will later become a bridge between people who are already there, especially in Kosambi, Teluknaga and Pakuhaji sub-districts. To be able to participate in carrying out development at PIK2," said Ahmed Zaki Iskandar.

The forms of participation and cooperation can take various forms, such as a provision of manpower, both construction workers, as well as service personnel and other services. There is also a form of cooperation in health services for the community. This is very important, especially for empowering human resources and also improving the welfare of people living in area around PIK2.

Where this cooperation program will be a bridge for social problems, labor, especially education. The Regent also welcomed this collaboration very well, hoped that in the future PIK2 can improve the standard of living of the people living around PIK2 area.