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Which Is Right, Buying a New or Used House?

When it comes to choosing a place to stay, if you are concerned with the comfort aspect as a reference for a place to live, of course the house of choice. By buying a house, you can get a larger residential unit and even get additional space that you wouldn't be able to have if you bought an apartment. Such as the yard, garage and garden.

To be sure, buying a house is certainly not as easy as imagined since there are many considerations, like the dilemma of choosing to buy a used house or a new house.

Well, for those of you who are currently confused about choosing to buy a new or used house, here are the advantages of buying a new and used house.

The Benefits of New House

Hype Design

A house made by a developer is different from individuals. Developers know the property market and know the ‘hype’ design that most people are looking for. So, if you buy a new house, you will find the types of designs that are very eye-catching. 

Complete Facilities

Not only with the house's facade, but the facilities too. The new house is complete because the developer wants to ensure the comfort of the occupants' life. Usually, you will find a jogging track, school, playground, club house, restaurant, cafe, supermarket and so on.

Repair Guarantee

Every new house usually has guarantees and insurance for problems such as roof leaks, clogged water, wall cracks, and others. Of course this is very profitable because you don't have to pay additional repair costs anymore, just report it to the developer and the team will go straight to your house. The guarantee they provide for this repair is one rainy season, or more precisely one year.

Lots of Interesting Discounts

Talking about price, buying a new house tends to be more profitable, since potential buyers can get various attractive discounts. Like an affordable Down Payments (DP), cheap installments, additional carport roofs, cash back, direct prizes and so on.

It's Easier by Doing Online Survey

It is very important to conduct a house survey to see interior specifications, livability, facilities, number of spaces and functions in the show unit. Previously, you had to come one by one to show units which are generally in the marketing gallery, to deal with the current pandemic conditions, surveys can be done online. Scrolling through the housing website you are interested in or do a search on a trusted property portal. Plan a video call or online meeting with the sales team to get as much information about the house as possible with a virtual tour at the show unit.

The Benefit of Used Houses

Ready to Move

Since it has been occupied before, the used house has electricity, water, telephone cables, and other important things available. So that a used house is more ready to live in, especially if you are in an urgent situation and need a house to be occupied quickly. The price of the house can be negotiated with the owner directly so that the possibility of getting a cheap house is greater.

Formed Housing Environment

One of the advantages of buying a used house is that the environment is already crowded, you can have neighbors who have lived there first. With so many neighbors around the house, it will certainly make the environment feel safer and can socialize easily.

However, you have to consider some points of weakness if you want to buy a used house, like spending more money for renovations. Don’t let your money be spent just to renovate a used house that can appear to be more expensive than buying the new house unit. Then, you must be concerned to see the status and legality of the house and the design of the house which tends to be less up-to-date than the new house.

After seeing the consideration of the advantages of new houses and used houses above, have you decided which house to choose? If you want a quiet and calm environment, you can choose a new house. But if you like interacting with new people, a second-hand house might be a better fit.

To get the various benefits offered by buying a new house, Pasir Putih Residence is a perfect choice. It is a 150 HA residential area with 11 clusters in it.

You will be pampered with various exclusive facilities offered, such as a 1.5 HA clubhouse, a 2.5 KM lake view jogging track and a 2.7 KM long Mangrove forest view that surrounds the Pasir Putih Residence area. There is also a gym, exercise class, multifunction hall, swimming pool, spa and kids playground.

In addition, there are facilities in the form of a lobby & lounge, cafe, restaurant, modern mini market, outdoor alfresco dining, multifunction outdoor lawn and wall climbing in this Pasir Putih Residence housing. The advantage of the Pasir Putih Residence area is that it is free from flooding because it is equipped with a polder system.

You will be presented with views of the beautiful lake which covers an area of ​​16.2 HA. Around the lake, you will be spoiled with a number of entertainment spots such as community art parks, pet runs & parks, lakeside art platform decks, community gardens, and others.

To conduct a more in-depth survey of the house at Pasir Putih Residence, you can visit the very up-to-date social media and website developers. Or you can contact sales by telephone to find out the price quote for the Pasir Putih Residence house in depth.

Not only the facilities in the residential area that pamper you, but also around the area. There are many choices of other culinary places, especially in the PIK 2 area that you can visit such as Batavia Cove which has just opened lately. This culinary destination is very instagramable, offering the magnifique views of the beach and sunset. There are many choices of delicious and hype restaurants like Pizza Dealer, Oyster Dealer, Lawless Burger, Hotstuff Chicken and others.

There is also the iconic Pantjoran culinary area where there is the oldest Hakka restaurant branch, namely Wong Fu Kie, then Urban Farm which is a contemporary culinary destination with an instagramable design, to shopping centers such as PIK Avenue Mall, The Food Hall, KemChick, PIK Fresh Market and so on.

There are two hospitals near the PIK 2 area, namely Pantai Indah Kapuk Hospital and Tzu Chi Hospital. There are also qualified educational centers such as Tzu Chi School, St. Johannes Berchmans School. SMA Bina Bangsa School, Saint Nicholas School, BPK Penabur School and others.

In terms of access, of course, there is no need to doubt. To be able to go to the White Sand Residence. You only need to go to PIK 2, then take the bridge to the golf island and cross the bridge again until you reach White Sand Beach.

The location of Pasir Putih Residence is only 7 minutes from the PIK 2 interchange. To access PIK 1 from the house area, the travel time is only 3 minutes. Very suitable for those of you who have high mobility.

With all these advantages, houses in the Pasir Putih Residence area are offered at various prices, starting from Rp. 1.76 Billion.