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Check Out 5 Home Rental Business Tips to Get Profits

Property has long been used as the most reliable investment instrument, compared to other types of investment like deposits or gold, property investment is considered safer and promises greater profits.

One form of profit that can be obtained from property investment is to rent it out, this is because the market for property tenants, especially houses, is quite high. According to data from the property portal, the trend of looking for house rental advertisements in the PIK area in the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter of 2021. The increase reached 56%, which was originally 771 searches and now reached 1,772 searches.

Based on data from the property portal regarding the trend of searching for house rental advertisements in the PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk) area which increased in the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter of 2021.

This very rapid increase is an indicator that the residential sector in the PIK area offers potential for property investors. This is the moment you should not miss to invest in a house at PIK.

Well, for those of you who are currently planning to run a house rental business, here are 5 tips for doing a house rental business for a profit that you should try!

Determine the Rental Price

The home rental business brings in passive income either monthly or yearly outside of your main income. To make the most of it, set the right rental price. Do not market too cheap or expensive. You can apply these two methods to determine the price for renting a house. First, you can find out the range of house rental prices in the area around the applicable area. The second way is to use the house price formula multiplied by the Capitalization Rate. The Capitalization Rate of houses in Jakarta reaches 3% to 5% per year. For example, if you buy a house at a price of Rp. 1.5 billion, then to find out the rental price per year is to multiply the Rp. 1.5 billion by 5%. As a result, you can set a house rental price of Rp. 75 million per year.

Consider the Target Market

The next tip for running a home rental business is that you need to determine the target market that will rent it later. Pay attention to the demographic characteristics and economic progress of the local environment. If in the area there are many offices or centers for business activities, then the target market for your home investment is workers and other office exponents. Or, you can target renters from families if the house you offer is large enough for more than 3 people.

Pay Attention to Residential Area Facilities

Characteristics of an ideal house located in an area that has complete facilities like a gym, clubhouse, swimming pool, jogging area, children's playground, bank center to adequate access like a toll road that makes it easier for residents to move. It is certain that you can set the optimal price when choosing a house that has these criteria for rent. So, choose a house in the right area.

Learn How to Promote Your Home Digitally

In this era, people are accustomed to relying on smartphones for daily life, from work, entertainment to looking for all their daily needs and housing. You can market your house through social media or a trusted property marketplace by including photos and interesting words to attract tenants. Also include the advantages of the house you want to rent ranging from facilities, access, location and others.

Analysis of Residential Area Potential

You should pay attention to the details of the area around the house you choose. Make sure the area has easy access to both public and private transportation when you decide to invest in a house. Transportation costs incurred will be more efficient and affordable if the house has a strategic location. The optimally developed residential area will support the increasing rental prices.

If you are currently looking for a house for rent, housing at PIK2, a residence that is very suitable for occupancy or investment because of its strategic location and complete facilities.

Buying a house in this area as an investment will bring you many benefits because there are complete exclusive entertainment facilities like PIK2 Center Point Area Leisure & Entertainment Hub covering an area of ​​±100 Ha where you will find the largest Seafood Village in Indonesia, Asian Town with a theme of 4 countries. , Shibuya Night Market, Tokyo Market, Tiong Bahru Market Singapore, Chinese Supermarket, Mata Elang International Stadium and many other interesting destinations.

Also enjoy the beauty of the White Sand Beach along ± 4 KM, Greenbelt City Forest covering an area of ​​approximately 60 HA, Sedayu Watertown Mall, Mata Elang International Stadium, Rans Prestige Sports Center, Marina & Jetty, Pantjoran culinary area and Urban Farm, to shopping centers namely PIK Avenue Mall, The Food Hall, Kemchick, PIK Fresh Market and so on to meet daily needs.

For health care facilities, there are two hospitals near the PIK 2 area, namely Pantai Indah Kapuk Hospital and Tzu Chi Hospital. There are also qualified educational centers like Tzu Chi School, St. Johannes Berchmans School. SMA Bina Bangsa School, Saint Nicholas School, BPK Penabur School and others.

In the PIK 2 area, there is Pasir Putih Residences, which is a 150 ha residential area with 11 clusters in it. Equipped with a polder system so that the Pasir Putih Residences area is free from flooding.

Pasir Putih Residences is located in a prestigious area because there is an increase in property value showing a positive number, an increase of 2.74% even in the last 3 months according to data from the property portal

It is not without reason that the Pasir Putih Residences residential area is dubbed a developing area, because there is a developing area and a very strategic location where there are 3 toll interchange points that connect the Pasir Putih Residences area in PIK2 with the entire Jakarta area and its surroundings, so from Pluit or Muara The reef can be reached in just 3 minutes.

Then from and to Soekarno Hatta airport only about 15 minutes. Apart from toll roads, this housing estate can be accessed via non-toll roads, namely via a bridge that connects PIK1 with PIK2. So that it is very easy to reach from and to the center of the capital city.

For internal facilities within the area, Pasir Putih Residences is equipped with premium facilities with a resort feel in the form of a beautiful lake covering an area of ​​16.2 hectares that surrounds the area with white sand on its banks, a jogging track view of the lake for ± 2.5 km and a jogging track with stunning views. Mangrove forest along ±2.7 KM, as well as various other interesting facilities on the edge of the lake.

Still around the Pasir Putih Residences area, visit The Club which is the most luxurious clubhouse in North Jakarta covering an area of ​​approximately 1.5 hectares which is managed professionally equivalent to a five-star hotel, there are also various very complete facilities ready to pamper you and your family starting from kids playground, multifunction outdoor lawn, cafe, lobby & lounge, modern mini market, restaurant, outdoor alfresco dining, community art park, pets run & park, lakeside art platform deck, community garden and others.