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4 Things to Consider When Buying a House at Productive Ages!

Nowadays, along with a lot of promos and housing developments in potential areas, people's interest in buying landed houses continues to escalate. It turns out that the interest in buying housing is not only from certain circles, but also from the productive age group.

Based on data from visits to the property site, in the first quarter of 2021, interest in buying a house at the productive age of 25 to 41 years old increased by 70%. It shows us a fantastic phenomenon. 

There are many people at their productive ages who are interested in buying a landed house, due to the various conveniences and advantages offered. For example, ownership of land and building certificates, to as one of the profitable investment instruments, since the value of the property will not experience depreciation.

When compared to other investment instruments, such as deposits or stocks, property investment is considered very promising which is included in the low risk - high return category. Based on sources, the average deposit interest is at 3% and tends to have a fluctuating or unstable investment value. Meanwhile, based on data from Bank Indonesia related to the Residential Property Price Index, the increase in national property prices averages 5% per year, coupled with the investment value, which although the rate of increase is not stable, it is certain that it will never go down. So, it is appropriate if the property instrument, especially the house, is very potential and promising to be your long-term investment.

Before you buy a house for both residential and investment, you should first check the following 4 things!

Check The Location

Location is one of the most important points in choosing a strategic house. If you choose a house that is easily accessible either by mass or private transportation, like the availability of access to the MRT, train station or TransJakarta bus, of course, it will make your daily mobilization and productivity easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Choose a House that Close to Public and Social Facilities

Before choosing a residence, either for investment or for occupancy, one of the things you should pay attention to is the surrounding facilities and the area. This is related to the fulfillment of your daily needs. Namely close to shopping centers, educational centers, houses of worship to business centers and offices. The existence of social and public facilities is certainly the basic thing that you need as a guarantee of a decent life, both in daily life and in business life. Plus, the surrounding facilities are one of the main things that can guarantee the increase in investment value can be faster.

Pay Attention to the Status of Rights on Land

There are various statuses of rights on land, ranging from SHM/Sertifikat Hak Milik (Certificate of Property Rights), HGB/Sertifikat Hak Guna Bangunan (Certificate of Building Use Rights), HGU/Sertifikat Hak Guna Usaha (Certificate of Land Use Rights) and others. By buying a house, you will get a SHM or Certificate of Ownership which is the highest legal certificate of ownership. By owning a SHM, you have full rights to land ownership in a certain area. 

Create a Rental Price Calculation Scheme

Furthermore, if you are interested in investing in a house by renting it out, use the following calculation scheme, namely: house price multiplied by the capitalization rate (in the form of %). The average house capitalization rate ranges from 3% to 5%. So, if you buy a house at a price of Rp. 500 million, then the formula that can be used is Rp. 500 million multiplied by 5% then the rental price is Rp. 25 million per year. Or, do a normal price survey for the property you want to rent out, identify the advantages and disadvantages. Put it all together to formulate the lease that way you can market your home appropriately.

Well, for those of you who are interested in buying a house for both residential and investment, Compact House can be the best choice for you. Compact House is one of the premium residential areas built in the newest PIK2 independent township area of ​​2,650 hectare. 

In terms of location and access, of course there is no need to doubt because it is easy to reach from all corners of Jakarta and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport through toll access, and non-toll access via the PIK2 Bridge. With this complete and easy access, it only takes 18 minutes to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, 15 minutes to PIK1 area and 7 minutes to PIK2 CBD (Central Business District).

Compact House at PIK2 offers various types ranging from 4.5x10 sqm to the largest with a size of 8x15 sqm. All types of units are 2 floor houses with different specifications for the amount of space and area. For the Brown type, for example, which consists of 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, family room, dining room, kitchen, carport with a building area of ​​54 sqm.

While the widest type is Violet Type, complete with 3+1 bedrooms, 3+1 bathrooms, family room, dining room, kitchen, carport, balcony with a building area of ​​146 sqm. Not only comfortable and has many choices, the Compact House area at PIK2 is equipped with a polder system so that it is free from flooding.

Compact House area is also surrounded by 2Ha Townhub facilities, which pamper the residents with various sports facilities like gym facilities, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, basketball courts, soccer fields, large Olympic-standard swimming pools, and F & B areas. In addition, canopied pedestrian facilities are provided that are integrated from Townhub to residential areas.

As an entertainment facility, Compact House at PIK2 is located close to the PIK2 Center Point Area Leisure & Entertainment Hub covering an area of ​​±100 Hectare where there are various places to eat and entertainment ranging from Grand Shanghai, Chocolate Village Thailand & Live Music, the largest Seafood Village in Indonesia, Shibuya Night Market, Tokyo Market, Tiong Bahru Market Singapore, Chinese Supermarket, North Point Commercial Boulevard, Tokyo Hub, Largest Car & Accessories Showroom Center, Design District, Asian Town consisting of Korean Village, Japanese Garden, Middle East Souk, and Chinatown.

Interestingly, near the Compact House area, it is planned that there will be a fascinating facility, namely the 2nd White Sand Beach with a length of 3 km. So that in the PIK2 area, there are 2 recreational facilities at the White Sand Beach. In addition, there is also a golf course facility which is one of the most popular sports. Mini Zoo, has a concept like a zoo where you can have the opportunity to interact directly with animals complete with culinary facilities with views of the animals around them.

For those of you who have high productivity and like to look for inspiration outside the room, around this area there is also an Office Park; an office area in the middle of the city with an open space office concept surrounded by beautiful and cool gardens, which is very suitable as a place to work while relaxing.

To add to the comfort of residents, there is Lake Eco Park, thematic parks for communal activities and sports, outdoor gym & sitting area, jogging track, special bicycle path and commercial areas to meet daily needs like supermarkets, modern markets, clinics, salon, daycare and others.

With all the complete criteria that the Compact House has at PIK2, there is no doubt that this is the right choice for you in your productive age who are looking for your dream home.